Random Food-Related Confessions

Having been employed as a dairy milker at one point in my checkered past, and being a life-long advocate and consumer of dairy products…I actually prefer soy milk to skim/2%/whole milk. :eek:

8th Continent Original, to be precise. (Their chocolate is really good too, but I don’t much care for the vanilla.)

Nothing beats half and half in my coffee or fresh, rich whipped cream on a piece of pie, but when it comes to having a glass of something with dinner or chugging from the bottle for “breakfast” before I run out the door in the morning, soy milk just tastes better. Milk always tastes “weird” when I try and drink it first thing in the morning, and once it gets even slightly warm, it also tastes funny to me.

Moving on…

My favorite mac and cheese comes from a box. Kraft original. But you have to make it the way my Mom always did…

2 boxes of Kraft
1 can of Cambell’s Cheddar Cheese Soup
Replace the milk with the soup but otherwise follow the instructions on the box.

I love garden burgers (veggie burgers). - Especially the Santa Fe style.

I’m madly in love with asparagus.

I force myself to eat tomatoes, because I can’t stand not eating something that looks and feels so damn good. I hate them 95% of the time, but in forcing myself to eat them, I found that when cut into wedges while good and firm, I actually like them seasoned with some salt, pepper, parm cheese and a little oil/vinager.

I have never eaten a PBJ sammich. :eek: Being raised Italian, I was not allowed to eat white sliced bread. (Wasn’t allowed to have Irish Spring soap in the house either, but that’s another story. Actually, I still won’t have it in my house, because I’d hear my mom’s voice in my head).

I like my variation - one box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, one drained can of chopped tomatoes. Add tomatoes to the cheese sauce as it’s warming, allow to warm for a short time, mix in macaroni. My husband’s a convert to this ultimate comfort food - it’s sort of like slightly more “grownup” Spaghetti-Os.

My kids go nuts with the Macaroni & Cheese (prepared the old fashioned way with butter, milk and the packet of neon cheese powder), mixed with a can of drained tuna and a can of drained peas. It’s amazing how fast that can be eaten at my house…

I love asparagus (fresh, gently steamed in the microwave) and fresh artichokes dipped in butter (not margarine). I’ve recently taken a liking to Frosted Flakes (reduced sugar) and would bury my mother in the back yard for Snyder’s of Hanover hard pretzles (the big, think ones, not the tiny spikes). I would do unspeakable things for dark chocolate covered cherry cordials–not the expensive brands, but the ones that can be bought in the drug store for 98 cents around Christmas time.

…drat. another hour and half until lunch…

I am seriously considering the purchase of a Fry-Daddy just to facilitate making Scotch Eggs.

Although I generally detest most “fakey” foods, I have a secret love for those cheeze-filled ritz-bitz crackers.

There, I said it!
runs out of thread in embarassment

I’m currently eating lunch. Today, that consists of refried beans mixed with a little taco seasoning (yes, from a pouch), eaten on nacho chips.

It’s warm, cheap and filling, and I like it occasionally. I’ve also been known to melt some cheese on nacho chips, heat up a can of black beans, spread them on top and have that for dinner.

I like peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches on white bread. In fact, I eat white bread almost exclusively. Except for turkey sandwiches. Those must be on wheat bread.

I will only use Hellman’s mayonnaise. No other brand is acceptable.

I mix half Total Corn Flakes and half Special K for breakfast. I add a scoop of Nestles Quik and eat it out of a plastic bowl shaped like a NY Yankees batting helmet.

To my coffee I add a big spoonful of condensed milk, a teaspoon of Quik, half & half, and milk.

Go ahead, laugh. Everyone else does! :stuck_out_tongue:

I never thought I’d say this in public, but I eat Marie’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing with a spoon, right out of the jar. Well, it IS my own jar, after all.

My typical lunch these days consists entirely of a cup of raw, unsalted almonds and a handful of dried California apricots. I ususally get weird looks for this. My boss eats only frozen cheese pizza(which he heats up in a toater oven in his office) and canned tuna for lunch, and occasionally Pollo Loco chicken breasts.

I normally eat my homemade burritos with Singing Pig’s Wild Boar Habanero Salsa. The leftover beef, beans, cheese, and tortillas get eaten the next day … with ketchup.

The wrongness of both of these statements is beyond measure.

Have you ever had one fresh from an organic garden, still warm from the sun? A really good tomato (imho) should have a distinct sharp smell and a sweet taste. Unfortunately I find really good tomatoes are few and far between, unless I’m standing in someone’s garden back home in the sticks. You definitely have to set the bar for your taste-buds a bit lower to consume them when purchased at a store. Storebought cherry tomatoes (either red or yellow) usually taste (to me) much better/sweeter than the larger varieties.

Ferret Herder I’ll give your recipe a whirl, but as you can see I’m a bit of a tomato purist. I don’t know if my taste-bud bar can be set low enough to eat them out of the can. :wink: I do sometimes slice up some hotdogs to mix in too, another thing that Mom used to do.

In college, I once cooked and ate an entire half-pound of bacon, in one sitting.

I like to drink the pickle water.

I bought a fax machine for my apartment, solely for the purpose of faxing my order in to Fatburger.

I adore the taste of bitter melon (a Chinese vegetable if I’m not mistaken). Not so odd per se, but the weird part is I think the reason I like it is because it reminds me of the taste of a metal keyring I used to suck on as a child.

Bah, not directly out of the can! You mix them into the… oh, got it.

It’s cheapy comfort food. If you want, instead of canned tomatoes, either go to the fresh end and chop up some fresh tomatoes then cook them a little to soften them up some, or swing all the way the other direction and add Campbell’s Tomato Soup instead.

I have an uncontrollable addiction to Herr’s ketchup flavored potato chips. I go through 3 or 4 bags a week.

When I really want to make Dr. Atkins spin in his grave, I treat myself to a vanilla creme-filled donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. Oh. My. God.

I would rather choke to death on my own vomit than eat tomatoes, mushrooms, or bananas. But you can count me among the asparagus lovers.

A huge glass of Clamato with pickle juice in it, filled with ice, and pour like a table spoon of salt on the top. Stir with pickle.

Oh, vienna sausages rock, and last week for lunch I ate an entire pack of provalone cheese slices. Mmmmm.

Five words:

Dark chocolate-covered orange peel.


I dislike all forms of lettuce. They tastes bitter. I can eat lettuce on a sandwich but I will not eat it in a salad.

I LOVE tomatoes. I like to eat them whole and raw. I suck the insides out first, then I eat the firm outer part. I totally grosses out my fiance who thinks tomatoes are evil.
But, I will not eat stewed tomatoes. I spent so many years eating American Chop Suey, made by my foster mother (a truly horrible cook). I now gag every time I see someone eating stewed tomatoes.

When I was around 10, my mother bought me a bottle of ketchup for my birthday. I used to eat ketchup sandwiches. The same year, my sister got a dog bone. Yes, she ate it.

I have a really bad sweet tooth but my biggest weaknesses are Now and Later’s and Lemon Heads. I have a feeling I’m going to get in trouble for this one but I don’t particularly like chocolate.

I am a very picky and lazy eater. I wish I could just take a pill every meal and not have to actually chew my food.

I don’t eat vegetables. I can, if I had to, but I just don’tl.

Some days, I exist solely on chocolate, fried chicken and fries.

I drink my coffee black. This provokes much harrassment at every establishment I order it from.

Sure, mock me in a confession thread! :smiley:

I have never eaten a PBJ because I have been guilted into never eating white sliced bread. I was raised in a “Little Italy”, by old school Italians and went to twelve years of Catholic School and some Catholic college too. :eek:

Sliced bread…Irish Spring soap…The Boston Celtics…Notre Dame: The enemy!!!

I should be praised! :stuck_out_tongue: