Random Google DSC Search fun!

Seeing as how many people never re-name their digital pics, I thought I’d try a Google Image search for random DSCXXX.jpg

The first one I tried was DSC00035.jpg. I got a great cross section of pics of every description…and after a dozen pages, not a single porno pic, so at least DSC00035 is a pretty safe number.

Interesting to get a glimpse into the scrapbooks of society in general…all becasue they never re-named their pics.

Just something to pass time while the hamsters chew on the next post!!

That’s a pretty interesting idea. I suppose not all digital cameras make the same file names, so there are possibly other formats to search on, too.

Sony Mavica cameras use the format:


MVC001.jpg will yeild some interesting results.

This is one of my favorite links.

Random Google personal picture searches. I find that they often link into completely unprotected directories of someones entire picture collection. Too much fun if you like looking at random pictures.