Random hairs on my arms - any dermatologists?

Ever since I was really young, I’ve had these random hairs that grow on various parts of my arms and shoulders. They’ll just pop up from time to time.

These aren’t normal hairs - these are different than the other hair that grows on my arms. These hairs are much longer (up to an inch at times), very thick, very dark, and appear to grow really fast. Really, they look a lot like my chest hairs except that they grow on my arms from time to time. And they’re solitary, too. There are no moles or freckles or any other similar hairs - these are just random single hairs that seem to pop up on my arms that are different from the other hair on my arm.

Does anyone have any explanation for this? Is there a scientific term for these things? I always pluck them out when I find them, but I wonder if I left them would I eventually have really coarse and hairy arms.

FYI - I’m of European descent with a medium skin tone.

Geez, reading this, it sounds pretty weird, but I’m genuinely curious as to the origin/cause of these things. So any info would be appreicated.

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johnnyharvard, you’re not alone. I’ve seen the same phenomenon on my own arms and shoulders since about puberty. I’m also European with light to medium skin.

You didn’t mention your age. I’m 30 now, and I’m under the impression that the number of those solitary hairs increases with age. As does chest hair and (ugh) back hair (the latter especially in older men, fortunately). Not to mention nose and ear hair, on which Cecil had a column BTW. Maybe those single ones are just the vanguard.

I haven’t developed leprosy or skin cancer yet, so I stopped worrying about it. But I do pluck those hairs out where they’re especially annoying.

Are there any women who have this?

I had a couple of moles that started growing hair when I went on the pill (long noticable ones that I had to pluck) I assumed they’d go away once I quit taking it, but THEY DIDN’T! Arrrrgh! Seriously, if there are any dermatologists on the board, I need you to help me with this weird rashlike thing on my thumb. Not Psoriosis or Eczema. But hopefully not Leprosy either. COmes and goes and nothing seems to help. Anyone?

Oh, easy. Genes.

Yep, genes.

I was doing rat research for the Salk Institute, we used Lewis rats. These are pure white critters. One black hair on them and they were unfit for research. Genetic purity counts.

voguevixen: Just a thought, but have you recently started using any new: laundry detergent, soap, hand cream, etc. since you started getting the rash? Perhaps you are having allergic reactions.

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I have them too. There are only like one or two. Just pluck 'em out & forget it. Don’t shave it. Pluck it. It takes longer to come back that a way.