Random mundane and pointless stuff

So was mine. Happy belated birthday.

Now for my pointless stuff. I only have one day off of work this week. I’m not to happy about that. Was the same last week. I think my job is trying to piss me off.

Its raining today.

I got a pair of scottie dog pajama pants for my b-day. I’ve been wearing them all day. I’m not taking them off til I get ready to leave for work.

Thinking about work is depressing me right now.

Thats all for now…

Happy b-day, arachnidlove! Aren’t we December sixxies so cool? :slight_smile:

Tonight, a girl at the check-out line at supper asked me if the stone necklace I was wearing meant I was Wicca. I said no (being an atheist, I’m not Wiccan), that I had bought it from a street vendor in New Orleans.

A couple of years ago, I was really rude to a cashier in a movie-rental place. I still suffer periodic bouts of guilt about that, and sometimes wonder if I could track him down and apologize. I know I’ve insulted other people in my life, but somehow this one dude makes me feel especially terrible. Why?

My computer subwoofer doubles as a foot massager when i prop my feet up on the desk.

I think the hardest part about claiming a black hole is figuring out where to stick the flag.

I hope that I get a new car soon.

I wrenched a muscle in my back, oh, middle-of-summer-ish, whilst working in the yard. It hurt more than a little. Not quite ‘serious painkiller’ bad, but ‘tylenol/hot shower/spend (most of) the next two days on the couch’ bad.

Earlier tonight, I pulled (I think) the same muscle, while giving my daughter a horsie ride around the living room. (Horsie rides in these h’yar parts is bucking bronco type affairs.) It hurt so much less than the last time that the riding went on for another ten minutes. It’s still not all that bad.

The human mind fascinates me when these kind of things happen.

I think the pump which provides water pressure to our house is on its way out. I am not looking forward to buying and installing a new one, at this time of year.

Elvira’s Haunted Hills, while being an amusing title, isn’t all that much fun as a movie. But it’s Cassie Peterson, so I watched it again, anyway.

I got a chuckle out of it.

Adridne: I think it went out for popcorn.

I have unattached earlobes and dimples, but my hands are recessive according to the site. I have curved pinkies AND thumbs.

I wonder how I ended up with the skin tone of a red head but I have brown/blonde hair and yet when I dye my hair no matter what color it is it eventually fades to some shade of red (even when I dye it black)

I always stay up way too late and have trouble getting up in the mornings yet I wonder why I can’t get to sleep earlier no matter how tired I think I should be.

My toes are all gimped from breaking them a couple of times, only 4 of them. My second toe from the outside on the left foot is weird, it’s all skinny at the base and bigger at the top while the rest of my toes are proportional.

After studying genetics in Bio class I decided I am a mutant. I wonder when my super powers will manifest?

It gets too cold at night, even when snuggled up under my blanket and the heat turned on high.

Hack is fun though I can’t hit it more than once or twice.

Sleep is good.

I have bent pinkies, but straight thumbs.

Also, I always have dirt under my fingernails, and it drives me crazy. I’ll have dirt under my fingernails 30 seconds after I clean them without touching anything.

{quote]Last night, I had this really strange dream that I was Hannibal riding my elephant over the Alps to fight the Romans…

You know, I had a cousin who actually did ride an elephant over the Alps in the…uh…elephant steps…of Hanibal.

Don’t think he had an army of ants though.

Did you know that Jane Fonda’s step-mother’s step-father was Oscar Hammerstein?

Bilbo Baggins is my hero.

I think nude models, men and women, should walk through the malls during Christmas season with ads for various stores painted on their bodies.

Invisibility isn’t as cool as I thought it would be.

My elbow still hurts bad from when I dislocated it last week.

I’m getting more coffee now.

Sure, I like the whales, but they have to go…

I have unattached earlobes, a widow’s peak, dimples, hazel eyes, and I’m missing both my lateral incisors on the top of my mouth. They just never formed, leaving me with a bunch of gaps between my front six teeth until I got braces when I was 12.

I used to be able to do that thing where you lie on your stomach and touch your feet to the back of your head.

I’m getting two guinea pigs this Saturday.

I work at my school’s commons, and yesterday I was working at the sandwich bar with someone, and we passed the time by singing every theme song to every '80s show. We got hung up on Who’s the Boss for about an hour.

I have four frog stuffed animals next to me.

There were times I lost a dream or two. Found the trail, and at the end was you.

What kind of animals do you stuff with frogs?

Update on drawer-slamming injury to my left ring finger: No apparent bruising, no visible injury to nail or nail bed. Still hurts if I press on it, but the solution to that problem is obvious.

Today was my last day at work. I was a teacher’s assistant at an elementary school, but thanks to a) the upcoming holidays and b) my new semester schedule, I can’t work with my class anymore. I’m gonna miss my kidbits so much!

I like to sleep nude. I don’t like the way clothes bunch up around you at night. If its cold, I’ll wear a t-shirt but naught else.

All my close friends are bisexual. Seriously. I just now realized this. Danielle, Vari, and Vicki are all bi. Strangely, I don’t have any male bi friends. I wonder why that is.


We finally got our first snow of the season. It was only an inch, but it was still good to finally see some proof that winter is approaching (it’s still officially fall).

I’ll have to wait until after Christmas to get my new carpet put in. A few days before Thanksgiving my water heater broke and flooded my living room, so they had to take out the old carpet. I’m just glad I don’t have to host any holiday parties or family gatherings.

My car is 400 miles overdue for an oil change.

Only three hours until I get to go home for the day.

I have a Deftones song playing in my mind at the moment.

That’s pretty much a snapshot of my mind at the moment.

I am getting a really big zit right now, plus I’m coming down with a cold.

I went to the post office the other day and picked up a letter from the “poor kids” pile (Dear Santa: I have no heat and would like a pair of socks for Xmas). I’m convinced that somehow I’ve been cursed by this poor kid, though–on each of the three trips I’ve made to get her presents, I’ve had a really nasty run-in with rude people in the store or immediately afterwards. I can’t wait to wrap the gifts and drop them off at the post office so this child is no longer part of my life. It’s scaring me!

Lately, and with unexplainable unease, I’ve noticed that I am developing a serious love of Led Zeppelin. I’m embarrassed to admit this for some reason, but I…I just can’t help it. John Bonham totally, utterly rocks my world. And now I have “Well, well, well…so I can die eeeeeeasy” in my head.

I have crooked pinkies, curved thumbs, pointy ears, and a shy toe on my left foot. (It hides behind the toe to its right.)

Last night, I dreamt I ran through an underground cheese shop while eating a grilled chicken sandwich and being chased by the owner for eating said sandwich. He was upset because he thought that the cheese would become infused with the odor of grilled chicken.

My parents finalized their divorce last week. I don’t know how I feel about this.

I’m contemplating the idea that sharks may be immortal.

It now seems that the pump isn’t, in fact, all that bad. The faucet in the kitchen sink had a bit of grit and mineral deposits trapped in the screen, slowing the flow to a crawl.

Bob Seger’s music holds up pretty well, after all these years. I’d forgotten we had this tape.

Kn*ckers: Good deal about the finger. Groucho Marx’ medical advice is pretty damn useful, ain’t it?

[sub]You can come back, baby; rock ‘n’ roll never forgets.[/sub]

Every time I read the “Cathy” comic strip, I have a little less respect for human beings in general and yuppie women in particular.