Random mundane and pointless stuff

Last night, I had this really strange dream that I was Hannibal riding my elephant over the Alps to fight the Romans with an army of ants. It was a terrible battle, ants swarming everywhere, many deaths.

The Afghani foreign minister, Abdullah Abdullah, is kinda sexy.

After learning in Biology class about the genetics of heredity, I discovered I have attached earlobes (according to my bio teacher, a recessive trait). Now, whenever I watch a movie, I check to see if the actor or actress has attached earlobes, too. Last night I watched “Orginal Sin”, and sure enough, Angelina Jolie has attached earlobes.

My birthday was December 6th, and all I wanted was for those terrorist threats not to happen.


Who just felt like sharing.

What the heck are attached earlobes? Picture, please.

My earlobes are not attached - I keep them in a dish by my bed at night…


One of my coworkers is getting one of his knees replaced on Thursday - he’ll be off work for at least a month. I wonder what I’d have to have replaced to get a couple of months off? I need a break.

Today is the 343rd day of the year.

Athena – On this website you can see a little pic of attached and free earlobes. Attached earlobes, like mine, are attached directly to your face, while free earlobes hang down from where the ear joins the head.


My feet smell worse before I bathe than after.

A watched telephone never boils. (from Soap)

Q: “Have you ever had you eyes checked?”
A: “No, they’ve always been blue.”

A preposition is something a sentence should never be ended with.

If colours had intelligence, Red would smarter than Orange, Blue would be smarter than Purple, Yellow would be a moron…

Random events sometimes happen.

Enough for now? ok…

When I was a child, I used to classify cars by gender. Don’t ask me how, I just knew that my mother’s white Ford was a girl.

I pop my neck like most people crack their knuckles.

My boyfriend is an atheist Pakstani; I’m an atheist from the Southern U.S. If we ever have children, we’ll have to name them Asif Billy Bob and Thelma Mae Samia. Though he does want one named Amadeus – he’s a Mozart freak, duh.


I saw one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen on the Conan O’Brien show that aired the Friday after Thanksgiving. His name was Dondre T. SomethingOrOther. He was so nummy.

That is all.

That guy is on Hidden Hills, JuanitaTech. That show is pretty amusing, but I can’t watch it now because it’s on at the same time as 24, and missing that is simply not an option.

My ears (on top) are bent down slightly. Makes sort of a blunt point.
Apparently from my grandmother.

Oh, I’m putzing around in school right now.

Oh, and I think it is strange poopah’s last thread was a “thanking” one before he died.
How very very nice…

OW! DAMMIT! I just slammed my finger in a desk drawer. One of the dumber things I’ve done today. Come to think on it, it might be the dumbEST thing I’ve done today, because there was no reason for me to have opened that drawer in the first place. Here’s the weird part: I don’t remember how or why I came to open the drawer, put my hand in, and close it again.

Man, I need to get more sleep.

I must disagree. Orange would definitely be smarter.
My sister has the top mark in her Chemistry class. Woohoo! :smiley:
My car has a really bad paint job, but it runs OK. I’d really like to get a 2000 Jetta. I love Jettas!
The Canadian $100 bill has a portrait of Sir Robert Borden on one side. The portrait makes his left eye look gibbled.
From 1967 - 1980, the Republic of Anguilla had an unofficial flag (right hand side of the link) with three dolphins on it. It is probably the coolest flag I’ve ever seen, but it always reminds me of the flag of the Klingon Empire. I’m not entirely sure why.

I’ve always chewed my fingernails, but a couple of months ago I started taking medication for diabetes, and I stopped biting my nails. Just boom, I stopped.

Once I read a story that happened in England or Europe or somewhere a long time ago. This rich family got some apples, which was a huge deal. The maid stole an apple and was fired, even though she’d been with the family for a long time and probably wouldn’t be able to get another job at her age and would die impoverished and alone. It made me appreciate apples a little more.

Mr Pud, You sound like someone who enjoys flags. Check out this website where the flags of the world are given letter grades:
Very funny.

I had a pretty weird dream last night. I somehow managed to have a panis attatched just below my left nipple.Oh, and I also passed 1000 posts, maybe these two facts could be related

I have the free earlobes and the dimples. I can also roll my tongue. But where did I get these hazel eyes?

It’s cold, yet sunny and pretty outside.

Grapefruit is better than oranges which are better than tangelos. But I like peaches best.

In three days, I’ll have almost a month off from school. Good stuff.

. . .and what’s a ‘panis’? :smiley:

Never hoid of it (Hidden Hills, that is).

Wow, that’s an awesome site! That guy is quite a harsh grader, though, calling Costa Rica’s flag “too busy”. I love the comment for Libya’s flag. :slight_smile:

What terrorist threats on Dec. 6?

Thanks for the link, lainaf!

I think I would have given Brazil a much higher rating, but other than that, he’s spot-on. Kinda reminds me of the Brunching Shuttlecocks.

A local bakery has put up a sign which reads: Chutney is Back!

What I want to know is: where did chutney go?