Random Observations at a PTA Open House

I just got back from a PTA open house that my wife helped organize. I noticed a few things:

  1. I used to wonder what happened to all the dippy sorority girls from when I went to a certain large state university. The answer is that they all moved to my town, where they either became teachers or moms.

  2. Women have a “goofy hello” that they use when they see other women they know across a crowded room. Each woman has her own version, but they all seem to consist of a funny face, a tilted head, and somewhat overenthusiastic waving.

  3. I caught a lady picking her nose.

Now if that isn’t mundane and pointless, what is?

That was no lady.
And no, it wasn’t my wife.

There’s nothing mundane about nose-picking; it’s an art, my friend.

Oh god. I thought I was the cool mom of the PTA. I have one of those - the goofy hello. Crap. I’m not as cool as I thought I was, am I?


PS - you are right about the sorority girls. That doesn’t account for all of the “rah rah my entire fucking life centers around what happens in the PTA and if that teacher so much as farts funny I’ll be in the principal’s office” type, though.

It’s not that kind of PTA. It’s more of a “Let’s have some sort of kids’ party every couple of months and then blow what’s left on an Executive Committee Banquet at a fancy restaurant.”

I would like to add that the night’s entertainment, Mr. Zap the Magician, was excellent. He did one bit where he pretended to cut his pet raccoon into three slices, and the kids were so with him by then that not even one of the little bastards ran away screaming.

I never realized it, but I also think I have a goofy greeting. <shame>

::waves at Zsofia with that kids frantic wave - eyebrows raised and big goofy smile plastered on my face, head tilted slightly to the right::
<southern girl voice> haaa-eyyyy!! <sgv/>

Could be worse, could be “Oh my god, how AAAARE yew?”

As long as we don’t wear pink and lime green capri pants I think we’re probably okay.