Random things that make your day

OK, so I’m a tad bored at work. Formulating a new astrophysical theory isn’t as easy or as thrilling as it sounds. :slight_smile:

But, its ok, since our ladies’ soccer team’s just got our new kit. Purple and black for the outfield players and green and black for the goalie (me!) :smiley:

Only one problem though, the shirt, despite being a small size, comes down to my knees. I could wear the thing as a dress if I really wanted to.

But still, wheee!!! New soccer kit! Yay!

phone calls from agencies putting you forward for jobs that pay you what your skills are worth so you can get out of your current suck arse job are the random thing of today for paul.

also writing the longest sentence ever in a post

Finding a Chinese restaurant (near me) that has Sesame Chicken of their lunch menu. Then eating a mess o’ it for lunch.

My dog doing his “Cookie Dance”.

The rain was pouring down when I dropped in to a mammoth grocery store yesterday afternoon. Just inside, I stopped to sample a pumpkin pie. The woman operating the stand remarked on how utterly rotten the day was, with all the rain we were having.

“Not for me,” I answered happily, “I just got a call from my daughter and learned she wasn’t very sick after all. For me, the sun’s shining and life is wonderful!”

And I meant it. :slight_smile:

Angua, we don’t call a uni ‘kit’ here in the USofA. But, you also called your game soccer, not football. so I wonder where you live.

And, can you tell us a little about your astrophysical theory?

Huh? Looks around confused I’m talking about the strip - you know - the team jersey and shorts and socks and stuff like that…

Over the Pond. I’m a BritDoper. :wink:

I haven’t really got it together yet, but its to do with radio jets in galaxy clusters. Take a look at my research web page for an outline of what I’m doing, and what I’m trying to explain.

Coming to work and finding my boss has gone to a meeting out of town.

Rushing through the kitchen this morning to take something out for dinner… and finding that Hubby has already done it.

Getting that first email that says, “What do you want to put on the dedication page?”
Sure, I haven’t been paid yet, but to have something published where I get to say, “Thanks for all you’ve done for me.” Really makes me smile.

Being able to translate from English-to-English!

English: Football kit; strip
English: Soccer uniform; uni

Got a check three weeks earlier than expected yesterday – so instead of scrounging in the kitchen, I went out for a nice dinner and crème brûlée for dessert. Yummm . . .

Finding out that class is cancelled.
Getting out of work early.
Taking a nap.
Getting a phone call at about 3:15 from someone special.
Spending time with the kids at the Autism Program.
Getting an e-mail that is acctuly a note/letter to me, not spam or a forward.
Spending time with my best friend.
A new Degrassi or Couplings on my friends TiVo

Lots of little things make my day I guess. Its good that way.


Having the best looking woman in church take a seat right in front of you. Gives you a little something to do during Deacon Windbag’s homily.

Having a random guy in the street stopping you, telling you how good you look and asking to take you out for a drink.

An Art Vandaly from Moe’s.
A good cup of coffee.
A call from Michael or Nicole.
A Margaret Atwood book that I’m just beginning to read.
A rainy day (and maybe a nap too).

Opening the mail and finding a stock certificate for 1375 shares of something worth owning

Taking the boy and his mom out to lunch for sushi

Hitting all the green lights on the way to the bank, and hitting both green lights on the way home from work

Watching the Trojans beat Washington mercilessly and hearing Kieth Jackson announce that Boston College pulled out the last-second win over Notre Dame


She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

going for a chinese on thursdays (mmmm kung po chicken)

oh and haveing ranodm people you ahevnt seen in ages walking upto you and saying hi actually just seeing them is good

Finding my blood sugar level below 180.

Finding something interesting on the SDMB to read- especially a link to a cool new website.

Getting a phone call that’s not a bill collector, a telemarketer, or someone who needs something from me.

Long, but really, perfectly in keeping with the OP: I went to another endless school-related meeting tonight, and took my 13-year old daughter with me. One lady there is very much the “I know best” type, always has to interrupt and tell you why she simply knows better, and of course always in that damned condescending tone. After yet another interruption from this woman, while I was trying to make a point, I glanced at my daughter. She’s staring at the interrupting cow, and then she looks at me and rolls her eyes dramatically. Interrupting cow caught the eyeroll and the subsequent giggle-stifle from me. And then she ACTUALLY SHUT UP.

Afterward, I made an attempt to chastise my daughter - it’s really not nice to roll your eyes, even if people are idiots. She said, “I don’t care what she thinks of me. Do you care what she thinks of you?” I thought about this for a minute, and then radmitted that while I would prefer to have this person’s cooperation, it isn’t necessary that she like me - after all, I do not like her, and I manage to function civilly. Daughter said, “See? I told you I was capable of clarity.”

I haven’t stopped laughing for the last half hour. I love that kid.

I had pre-ordered The Complete Far Side from amazon.com back in June of this year. At that time the book was not eligible for the free super saver shipping. I just ordered it regular ground. It ended up getting here in three days. I just got an e-mail informing me that the book is now eligible for free shipping and even though the option was not available when I pre-ordered, amazon.com was going to refund my shipping costs anyway. Its a small gesture but one that they did not have to do.