Random things that piss me off

Yeah! That pisses me off too. Goddamn it.

You know what pisses me off? when somebody hits the “submit new thread” button instead of “post reply”.

That really chaps my foreskin.

I’m outraged.


Don’r mention the foreskin!

Gotcha’ Ya!!!

[sub]I’ve never said that before. It’s actually amazingly fun. Gotcha’ Ya. Gotcha’ Ya! Woo Hoo[/sub]

Okay, maybe someone can clue me in here…

While browsing through the Pit, I see quite clearly that this thread was started by Molly Coddle. And yet I don’t see Molly’s name anywhere in here.

What’s going on???

eh, it happens sometimes, OP’s get lost in the ether. Just one more thing that pisses me off!

Yeah, that really chafes my nipples too.


Stupid ether!

My Rants/ things that annoy me:

  1. When you expect to see someone and the person you DON’T want to see keeps appearing. ( some of you know what I mean)2. Cheerleaders
  2. Those teenie bopper horror movies like Scream or I know what you Did Last Summer
  3. Racists and obsessive compulsives
  4. Rednecks
  5. People in band who intentionally play wrong rhythms and notes or are painfully out of tune - that play loud
  6. Fakers
  7. Abercrombie and Fitch
  8. American Eagle
  9. When people try (and fail) to act smarter than they are
  10. Commercials for Herpes medicine
  11. Cliches
  12. Radio stations that play the same songs-over and over and over again
  13. The Lifetime Channel on Tv
  14. Female stero-types
  15. Crayons
  16. Disney Movie plotlines
  17. Large pants
  18. Cliffhangers
  19. Chain-mail
  20. Rotton Filthy Festering Children - Does anyone control or discipline their ugly stupid children anymore? My god what a nightmare going anywhere or doing anything that MIGHT even have the slightest possiblity of having children around. As a child, would your parents have ever let you go to a store, say like Target, and run wildly and scream and knock everything you can reach onto the floor? I would have had my ass kicked and quite deservedly so. These parents look fondly at their mutated horrific offspring like, “Isn’t that cute?” What all these brats need is a good ass-kicking and I am first in line to deliver it. I don’t like your kids, I don’t think they’re cute, I don’t think they’re funny, clever, witty, or smart, I don’t want them staring at me, I don’t want them near me, my life would be ten times better if they would disappear. I think your baby is ugly, I think you’re ugly, I think it’s unfortunate you bred because you’re obviously unfit & mentally impaired and apparently the only thing you can do is spawn because your life is sad and miserable and guess what Einstein: about 98% of people in the WORLD can have children (and do) so it’s no big deal, feat, accomplishment, or anything to be proud of so get your freaking kids away from me and teach them some frickin’ manners…like it’s not a cute thing to knock shelves over and strew toys all over a store just because you’re too lazy and retarded to watch your own kids. Could we please pass some parenting license laws and limits on children?


Why crayons?

It’s just a peeve… I hate them with a passion… the way they write and melt into the carpet… plus they stink and break too easily…

I hereby recant my prior statement supporting Molly.

Me too Hamlet.

In response to number 4: What the fuck is your problem for people who have OCD? It’s a fucking mental illness, and you lump it in with preppy clothing and racism! Unless, of course, you hate suffering from it, and in that case I sincerely apologize. Otherwise, agreed on all points.

And what’s wrong with chain mail? It’s much more comfortable and flexible than full plate any day. Granted, it can be a bitch keeping the rust off it…

That’s what squires are for… put it in a bag with some sand and get the lazy SOB’s to kick it around like a football for a while… :slight_smile:

Chain mail can’t stop an arrow, silly, full plate all the way.

I’m just trying to figure out why racists and obsessive compulsives get grouped together…

I’ve always been a fan of the Abrams, but then some smartass knight always comes along with a depleted uranium arrow…

Perhaps it’s racists with OCD.

Am I the only one who sees an inconsistency here?

Being annoyed by clichés is so cliché.