Random White Hairs?

As of late, I’ve found at least five (5) white hairs in my head. This doesn’t bother me (I’m 15, so I don’t really think I’m going white just yet), but I’m curious - what are they?

They’re just as long as the rest of my hair (~4 inches), and noticeably thicker than the other strands. I would say probably twice as thick, or a little less.

If it helps, my hair was red, but is now quite a bit browner.

My boyfriend has red hair and I’ve noticed random white hairs on his head. I think it has to do with the fact that your hair is red. Most people with red hair have strands of all different colors - I’ve noticed white, brown, black, blonde, and red hairs all on his head.

Has anyone in your family gone grey at an early age? White hair is usually more course than your regular hair. I started getting grey hair at 18, thanks mom. Dont fret, grey or silver hair is kool.
And I dont have Red hair.
have a good one!!

hey SPEAKER, sorry. white hair is just hair that has lost color pigment… I think : )

See, the reason I’m not worried about going grey is that these hairs have obviously been growing white for a long time, since it takes about 6 months to grow my hair to its current length - these hairs are all white, not a fleck of colour.

I’m a redhead and I’ve gotten the occasional pure white hair since I was about sixteen.
At 33 I get them more often, but I’m a long way from Mrss Clairol. :slight_smile: