People who inconvenience, annoy or disagree with me lack the intelligence to perform simple tasks.

They should be murdered horribly after suffering painful and humiliating torture. Something disgusting then should be done with their bodies.

Wow…whatta zinga!

I bet someone will thing twice before they inconvenience, annoy or disagree with you again!


I disagree with you. :rolleyes:

You’d give it a whole 0.4, mouthbreather?! Don’t you think you’re being a wee bit generous?

Whew, I thought this was gonna be another one of those generic thread things. Carry on.


You’d give it a whole 0.4, mouthbreather?! Don’t you think you’re being a wee bit generous?

That’s on a scale from 1 to 100.

I’m still not sure that it isn’t.
Malik, please say that this was a joke. If not, this is a serious candidate for:

[simpsons comic book guy voice]

Lamest pit thread EVER!

[/simpsons comic book guy voice]

I agree !!! mostly …

Fools who cannot do the most basic of tasks, such as fuck off when they are being irritating pussmongers, do not deserve to so much as lick the festering remains of their followers from my bootheels, where they had been recently crushed.

That said, however, I have no problem with people disagreeing with me (did I spell that right??). Disagreement leads to debate, which leads to an intelligent exchange of thoughts and ideas (usually), which leads to me having a great understanding and appreciation for the world around me.

Unless the cumcoated fucknut simply says “No, you are wrong.”. In which case see above.

Oh, so you’re only being a little generous, eh?

Let me amplify…

People who inconvenience, annoy, or disagree with me, as well as people who cannot recognize an obvious joke…


I don’t get it.

Expressed disdain toward people who DID NOT GET joke.

Referral to said peope as felchers of some mammal.

Proclamation that this poster thinks cranial-rectal inversion has taken place.

Quick mention that poster is aware of the spelling of “people”.

generic rant rating, scale of 0-10.

Me either.

Please, fill us in on the humor that we idiots are so obtusely overlooking.

Sarcastic admission of poor manners in attempting humor before accumulating a sufficient post count (preferably in MPSIMS and/or posting suck-ups to revered members).

(note: this is a joke. Every message here is a joke. I like all of you and I’m glad many of you seem to like me.)

Oh oh! … looks like Mr. Malik is trying to pad his post count!

Good on you then lad !!

Observtion that poster got the joke right away and pompous disdain for other posters who did not.

Snotty dismissal of other posters’ sensitivity and defensiveness.


Signature line involving a quote from a prominent pop-culture source.


Brutal lambasting of newbie for trying something that only a seasoned poster should try. Equating of OP’s post count and IQ.

And I thought the .4 was a joke in return…

wanders off muttering

Anally retentive non-newbie non-veteran points out incredibly obvious typo as a mistake in spelling.

Exclamation that this thread sounds a lot like “Thread” and “Witness” but refusal to dig up links to either.