Rap-metal: saving or destroying rock?

It’s a question that has been asked ever since KoRn got the life, Limp Bizkit did anything for the nookie, and Kid Rock… uh, bawed wit da baw: Is the neo metal (a hybrid of rock & roll and rap) going to help save an ailing genre of music or make it just as brainless as the monthly *N SUCK album?

On one hand, nothing produced by any of the big name bands of today is even remotely as poetic or melodic as a clip from Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins, or even old-school Metallica (as much as i hate praising those Napster-hating bastards, it’s sad, but true). Not to mention, as it is with all trends, bands hoping to capatalize on this phenomenon but who are nowhere near as talented as the originals (i.e. Papa Roach, Slipknot) tend to pop up and unjustly rule the charts. And should rock really have to meld with another genre to survive?

On the other hand, sales for rock albums are the highest in years, and isn’t making money what the music industry is all aboot? Plus, maybe today’s youth identifies with the more brutal lyrics and sound of KoRn and Bizkit (sorry, but there’s no excuse for Kid Rock) because the world is arguably more brutal than it was in the first half of the '90s. Plus, there’s always Rage Against the Machine.

So wadaya think? Is rap metal the future or is it just as much of a dumb fad as hairbands?

It’s funny that you compare it to hairmetal because I’ve always thought that although they sound very different, bands like Quiet Riot and Limp Bizkit are pretty much the same. It’s all just Cock Rock that primarily appeals to adolescent boys who vent their anger through head-banging/moshing. I suspect that the current rap metal trend will die off eventually as hairmetal did.

Wondering whether the current fad is killing rock is a sign you are getting old. The new stuff doesn’t make you feel like you did when you first discovered rock. I wouldn’t worry. If poodle-rock (Poison, Warrant, Bon Jovi) didn’t kill metal, nothing can.


I used to love3 rap metal… In 1987…


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Rap, IMHO, sucks, and is the refuge of ‘artists’ that cannot come up with a vocal melody. So it’s probably here to stay.

But it won’t destroy rock. Rap/Metal is a passing fad.

Now, they say rap and metal can never mix, but all of them can suck our sexual organ located in the lower abdominal area.

I’m with picmr on this. If hair bands didn’t kill metal, nothing will. On the contrary, I rather like the whole rap-metal thing that’s getting attention now. It’s interesting, and for my money, distorted guitars and phat beats are both Good Things. Although how Korn ever got lumped in with rap-metal, I’ll never know. Just 'cause they hang out with Limp Bizkit?

Just a quick question, before I’m able to post anything resembling an opinion:

Which part of the sentence are we applying to PR and Slipknot, “originals” or “bands hoping to capitalize”?

I don’t know to whom Satan was referring, but I came home this evening (+11 time difference) and listened to Faith No More. Ah, what a great band.


When I first heard Korn, I thought “Faith No More was doing this ten years ago, and much better, too.”

I loathe the aforementioned bands. There’s absolutely no talent, class, or subtlety in what they’re doing. I admit to being a teenage metalhead (during the dark days, or glory days, if you prefer, of the late '80s) and while I don’t listen to that much metal anymore, I’m aghast at what’s popular now.

I’m sounding old…

They would be the bands hoping to capatalize. P Roach has only been around for a few months, and Slipknot only appeared once Freak on a Leash was doing well on TRL.

Well, I wasn’t referringto Faith No More per se (though they did have elements of both), I was thinking about Aerosmith teaming up with Run-DMC, Anthrax teaming up with Public Enemy, unheralded San Francisco thrashers Mordred having a DJ in their band, the Beatie Boys sampling Zeppelin & Sabbath while having a guy from Slayer lay down a lead and apprear in their video. Heck, we can go back to P-Funk, Jimmy Castor and Mother’s Finest if we wanted to get really old school.

Related trivia: An unknown Vernon Reid played on Public Enemy’s *Yo! Bum Rush the Show debut before he went on to fame in Living Colour (who were NOT a rap-metal band!) and the Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish (the second bass player for them) was in the band that provided the music behind rap’s first vinyl foray “Rapper’s Delight” the Sugarhill Gang.

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Funny thing is, bands like Quiet Riot and Def Leppard are still around. QR recently put out an album and the Leps, though playing state fairs, are still touring. Heck, even W.A.S.P. is still pumping out albums. I wouldn’t say rock is dead, it’s just not mainstream anymore. Fine by me, I was able to pick up some Suicidal Tendancies for cheap this weekend.

Not only is most of the “hard” music these days shit, but I’m glad I’m not a kid these days for fashion reasons! I’ll take Bojos and Z. Cavariccis over this crap the idiots are wearing today. Parachute pants and Jams, well, that’s a toss-up.

Rap-metal? rap-metal? RAPMETAL!.

If it were done creatively and with any kind of talent, sure I’d be all behind it. As it is, it’s crap.
Body Count could sorta be called Rap-metal. They kicked ass. But the current bands are simply last decade’s Warrant and Poison. mmm yeah.

Rap-metal: saving or destroying rock?

Saving it. Because it would make anything sound good by comparison.

Save or destroy, we’ll know in about 10 years when VH1 has a special “Where Are They Now?” featuring rap-metal bands.

Gotta go with the apparent majority on this one and say rep/metal not only sucks hard, but is just a fad.

But then, I’m already feeling old, having been to see The Who this summer, AC/DC just last Friday, and lined up my tickets for The Who & Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes at the Garden in October.

People said rap music is just a fad. It is a generation old now.

What I’m waiting for is rap opera. Something based on a Moilere play might work as rap opera–his lines rhyme throughout his plays. So it is a natural.

NSYNC, Aguilera and the like will never sound as good as Kid Rock singing. For a rapper, he is a good singer, and his DJ skills in selectign music is pretty good.


Ok, well in that case:

I can’t say much about Papa Roach, as I don’t even think I’ve ever heard any of their stuff, but I can say with utmost authority that (please keep in mind I really don’t like this kind of music) Slipknot has been working their asses off for several years, and had a pretty large fanbase internationally before they started getting any play over here. This, of course, all happened before Korn had much, if any, time on MTV at all.
Can’t stand his music, but I gotta stand up when someone says my friend is a capitalist.

Rock/Hard Rock/Metal has been around for quite some time, now: upwards of 20+ years. That’s some longevity. Alot of the bands have been, too.

Something to think about.