RAPE! RAPE!! (nope. pron. pron.)

An apartment dweller heard a rape occurring in the apartment above him, so he grabbed a calvary sword, kicked down the door, and…

Scared the shit out of a porn viewer. He’s now facing charges of criminal trespass to a dwelling, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct – all while armed with a dangerous weapon.

I hope the charges get thrown out. I, for one, consider the guy to be in the right. The upstairs neighbor should learn how when watching porn, you turn it the fuck down.

He couldn’tve stood outside for a second and yelled through the door? It’d be pretty easy to figure out what was going on at that point.

Geez. What was he supposed to do? Call the cops and wait forever?
This should be a no harm, no foul. Perhaps he should repair the door.
Edit: Definitely he should repair the door, but the neighbor should thank him for being concerned and getting involved. Too few do so these days.

The sword of Jesus?

I think you meant cavalry.

From the linked article, the actions appear reasonable, but it’s also entirely right that this be tested in court. After all, we need to demonstrate that this wasn’t just an excuse to harrass a neighbour or something else.

And let’s look at the other side of the coin: suppose someone had been being raped and he had put it down to the neighbour watching a porno vid?

Maybe, maybe not, depending on how far from the door the TV was located. Maybe it was in the guys bedroom. Yelling from the front door wouldn’t do much good in that case.

BTW, you’d better believe if someone kicked down my door and tried to back me into my closet I would endeavor to dice him like a tomato, no matter what his intentions. You don’t do that shit. It’s not done. Period.

Sure it would. If his neighbor were raping someone, he’d probably notice someone screaming through his door and threatening violence.

I mean, think about this–the guy broke down his door brandishing a sword, fercrissakes. Who knows why the fuck he had one in the first place; IME most people who buy functional (not display/novelty) swords start itching for an excuse to use it after a while. What if he were having loud consensual sex with some girl? What would you think of Mr. Samuel L. Jackson busting in ready to kick some ass then?

OK, beyond all that, I’m sure you’d have the sense to NOT play a porn video loud enough to attract the vigilante squad.

This guy is lucky he didn’t get shot. With a gun. Or worse. :wink:

I do have the sense not to play porn loud enough to attract vigilantes. But being a vigilante means they don’t have the proper training to conduct their own raids. I don’t have a gun, but if I did, I would shoot first and ask questions later upon the sight of a madman with a sword kicking down my door.

I think you meant the sword of the hill upon which Jesus was crucified.


No, he meant a calgary sword, like they use up in Canada.

I stand corrected.

So he grabbed his Golgotha sword…

Who keeps a sword in their house?

So he interrupted the guy mid-stroke? Ooohh, awkward moment…

Agreed, the courts should be very lenient if the only damage was a door. The man took the chance of stopping a rape. Sound more like a misplaced hero who did little harm and should be applauded for being willing to get involve.

He probably should have stopped long enough to call 911 though.


Actually, lots of people I know do. More of my friends have swords in their homes then have guns.

Personally, I’ve got my eye on a rather cool battle axe. Just haven’t quite justified it yet.

In an article in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press(registration possibly required, that’s why I didn’t link it) it says he doesn’t have a phone.

Oops. Thanks for clearing that up. It would be very good in this case if he got off for the cost of fixing the door.


I’m with you…kinda, the sword may have been a little much.

I have to assume he was watching some sort of ‘rape’ porn. I mean really, does this guy go busting into everyones apartment when he hears people having sex, or was there some odd yelling/screaming going on in the porn.