Rappin' Duke...Dah ha!

I cannot find this online. Anyone? One of my best friends from college was killed yesterday morning in a car accident in Nebraska on her way to Christmas in Chicago. She was to have dropped by here on her way back to Colorado. I must find this song. We all shine on, Les. We all shine on. I love you and I’m lost. :(:confused:

Hazle! I had the exact same thought! I tried so hard to find that and couldn’t!

I don’t know if there’s some copyright violation so I won’t post a link but searching for rappin’ duke on BING and clicking the “Videos” tab turned up the whole track as the first link.

My condolences on your friend.

I got over-excited, Hazle, and didn’t even read your OP. Sorry for your loss.

Valgard, thanks for the find.

Thank you SO much! This means a whole lot to me!

You’re welcome.