Raptor Island: stupidest movie I've seen in many a moon

(SciFi Channel). Let’s see now: dinosaurs that are nearly invulnerable to high-powered assault rifles (you can SEE the blood fly and the dinos just don’t care!) Created by mutation caused by radioactive material (from iguanas maybe??) Said radiation also has the remarkable property of blocking radio transmissions. A quarter of the movie consisted of running running running through corridors, forests and caves. A volcano fer cryin’ out loud! I gave up after the first hour. Anyone stick it out?

I LIKED Raptor Island, and I like SciFi’s homegrown creature features generally. I don’t take them seriously and don’t get too worked up with whatever handwaving they come up with to explain their creature/whatever, and in fact enjoy it more when it’s shoddy enough to make me laugh out loud.

Now, Raptor Island was a good B-movie because it understood its cheese. The basic cheese of dinosaur movies is big, scary lizards that eat people’s faces. And sure enough, within 15-20 minutes of the movie’s opening, we had a guy being eaten by the raptors. Others followed at regular intervals, with terrified covert ops types being chased through the wood by hungry dinos. There was also a damsel in distress, a woman being lugged along by the terrorists with her hands tied behind her back. Huzzah! Chese and a half! If only they’d had her wearing a skimpy negligee or a thong bikini for no reason instead of the same fatigues everyone else wore.

As for the volcano, hey, what better deus ex machina for returning things to normal? Though it does make a tiny bit more hand-waving necessary before we can have a Raptor Island II. Which I wouldn’t mind at all.

You don’t watch the Sci-fi channel on weekends much, do you? Their original movies are pretty much nothing but B-grade monster movies.

The shark attack, mutant hammerhead one was pretty bad, but at least had the saving grace of Jeffery Combs as a mad scientist.

I did stick it out the first time SciFi ran this movie, just cause I don’t give up easily. I kept waiting for it to get better.

Now, this may mark me for the twisted and demented person that I am, but shortly into the movie I noticed a major flaw that persisted and drove me to talking out loud to the TV set by the end of the movie. We had some great views of the nasty beasties bending over to take great bites of out someone’s innards and never once did we see even the shadow of an anal oriface. I realize that lizards are not configured exactly the same as mammals, but there should have been some spot, slit, crease, something that would have indicated that the poor critters were able to evacuate the remains of all those people they ate. No wonder the mini-dinos were so cranky! You’d be cranky too if you couldn’t take a dump after a monsterous meal like they’d eaten.

I just want to say that there are lots of raptors where I live, and they also inhabit the nearby islands. I frequently saw raptors when I lived in L.A.; and in fact, I nearly ran over one.

Haven’t you figured out that any movie made by SCIFI has built into it a suckiness factor?
Oddly, the TV series don’t. :dubious:

Not scared? Wait until the sun comes up. : Evil Laugh :