New Jurassic World Short Film: Battle at Big Rock

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Jurassic World was hot garbage. The second one was a little better but I love dinosaurs so I watched this and it is pretty neat. It’s not a fan film; it is by the movie creators. My favorite part are the vignettes in the credits showing what a world where dinos and people exist might be like.

It was worth it for the dove release at the wedding. The main story…meh.

once you get past, “why would you camp out knowing there are dinos around?” it was good. i’m wondering if there are dino squads trying to collect the dinos; rather like the groups that will get the gator out of your pool.

the little bits at the end were interesting.

I’m not sure I buy the idea that it would be hard to contain dinosaurs in the wild. Maybe the sea ones, but on land… pretty much every large land animal currently needs active government protection to keep it from being driven to extinction. If we wanted to kill the dinosaurs again it would not be difficult.

But it’s a fun movie.

In the (awful) family dialogue, there’s a mention that the park rangers said there weren’t any dinosaurs in the area, and the daughter explains why the dinosaurs changed their migration pattern.

Yeah, I watched it with my 15-year-old last night. She’s of the opinion that the first time someone got eaten the dinos would be put on the ‘zoos or extinction’ list and the National Guard would take care of it.

I really enjoyed that short. The short scenes during the credits were a hoot too. But then I’m a fan of the Jurassic Park movies but I don’t take them very seriously. Certainly some of the movies are better than others but they’re great exciting stories of humans and dinosaurs together and the chaos that can ensue. You have to turn off the brain a little bit and just enjoy what it is - fun! Sure, in reality the U.S. military would probably make quick work of free dinosaurs but there’s no fun in that.

I’m glad the baby Triceratops didn’t get eaten. Haha!

once the dinos were released, i would not trust there to be a “dino free zone”. I do trust park rangers, i don’t trust dinos to stay within the boundaries.

Its another dino attack on a trailer, which we have seen before, so the conceit here has to be that the dinosaurs are out there in the wild now.

Except that I don’t believe any government will allow a 20ft predator that actively attacks humans to exist for more than about 10 minutes. Bears and wolves and lions etc can kill but they don’t really act the same way as these dino’s are presented.

A dinosaur that size wandering anywhere close to humans? That thing would have been tracked and shot almost immediately. It would be a dino free zone alright, with extreme prejudice.

Don’t get me started on “Deer Crossing” signs…

National Guard? Hell, the government could make money off the situation, by issuing hunting licenses for a fee. Can you imagine how popular the chance to bag an allosaurus would be?

Although apparently the JP/JW movies all take place in an alternate universe in which humans with weapons can basically never actually kill or damage dinosaurs, no matter what. It’s magic!

People often talk about “turning off their brains” when they watch popcorn movies. In fact, I think it’s a hugely overused, fairly pretentious, concept. But I do think that’s the right approach for the JW movies. They’re extremely well made hollywood blockbusters, with very good effects, charming and charismatic leads, zingers, action scenes, and f***ing dinosaurs. I wouldn’t pay money to see them in the theaters, but I enjoyed watching them both at home on a nice big TV. And I think “dinos loose in America” is a fun premise with which they’ll do something totally predictable, yet still entertaining.

1 out of 5 ain’t bad.

Note that I didn’t say they had unpredictable or surprising plots, clever dialog, interesting character developments, or anything of that sort. They certainly don’t rise to the level that truly exceptional blockbusters occasionally get to, in which they are actually legitimately good movies. So… not sure what you’re disagreeing with.

Well if dude robert’s short Dope stay was longer I could have seen this sparking an Abrams vs allosaurus thread. Assuming he hadn’t already gotten there first.

I mean, the first one doesn’t. Part of the reason it’s the best one is that it doesn’t rely on silliness like that. Most of the characters don’t have any weapons, and the one who does is out-smarted before he can get a shot off.

that was a most… em… emmm… unique take on deer crossing signs. the bit where it dawns on the host, that, is golden.

I mean, it does a better job of making it feel plausible and natural; and it was the first one so we didn’t see the pattern yet. But it’s a bit like Star Trek. Their transporters and communicators would solve all the problems… so of course there’s always some kind of atmospheric interference. Dinosaurs are big and scary but neutralized by guns… so of course people never have guns when it’s relevant.

I liked the first film. The first “new” film was ok as well. But at some point, how come in 25 years no one can design a fail-safe habitat for containing big animals?