Rasputin.....are you out there?

Well, as usual, my preferred username was taken, so I was trying to come up with a “keen” one to create an account with last night. Somewhere, I dredged up TheMaddestMonk. This is unusual for my normal levels of username creativity, so I’m sure I saw it somewhere before, and I have big inhbitions against knowingly stealing anothers handle. Being that I really only read Fark, SA, and here regularily, chances are good it was here. So the question remains…

Is the Mad Monk in the house?


If so, which house is he in? A search here gave me a madmonk, but maybe they changed their name?

phew Maybe I should just start stealing names left and right and trade them like commodities… :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, that’s funny. My tolkien username here is often taken elsewhere, and my alternative (on IM and such) is BluMunk. I wanted to do Blue Monk, but that was taken, so I even had to go with a nifty alternative spelling. At least I didn’t have to substitute any numbers for letters or z’s for s’s.

Do I count?