Rastahomie Hits 1000

This is it, my 1000th post. I’m going to celebrate this momentous occasion by… cleaning my house. sigh

Per Euty’s thread:



Took you almost as long as it took me. Wait till Ukulele Ike hears about this. Congrats.

Congrats, Rastahomie!!!



Good for you. :smiley:


Congratulations on one thousand, dear. And this party needs a hot tub, don’t you think?

[sub]Scotti drags the hot tub off the truck and sets it up in the backyard.[/sub]

And I also have a couple of gallons of vanilla scented massage oil, should anyone want to rub my sore back…I wrenched it dragging that hot tub around.

::Sigh:: If I didn’t have a portable hot tub, would anyone even INVITE me? No, never mind, don’t answer that. I have a fragile ego.


Scotti, whut the hail is this? rastahomie hits 1000 and you bring a hot tub and body oil. I hit 1000 and what do you give me? Memories of house ants.

Well! Thank you very much!!!

Hey, Rasta has the right idea. I clean my house after every 1000 posts…

Congrats Rastahomie
maybe someday I will…

Jah mon!

Happy 1K.

wink, beer, wishes, wink again

But Dave sweetie! I offered to teach you to play pinochle, didn’t I?


Now shut up and join me in the hot tub. I have waterproof cards.



Hey, rastahomie, based on the replies, you must be one the “Elite”. Hats off to ya, mon.

Like, groovy, Dude.

Scotticher said:

She never offered to teach ME how to play pinochle…

<<<MysterEcks bursts into tears, and runs off to join a convent.>>>

(No, not a monastery–there aren’t any women in a monastery. I mean convent.)

Well, MrE honey…since I evidentally offended Dave by telling him to shut up, and this nice hot tub is going to waste…want me to teach YOU to play pinochle?



Congrats, rastahomie, and thanks for letting me bring my total one closer to 1000.