rate my flea market purchases

Sega Genesis Model 1 (includes Sega RF and AC adaptor)
2 controllers (work well enough after cleaning, not in great shape but it’s ok because I have a lot more at home)

Madden '96
David Robinson’s Supreme Court
Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs
Jurassic Park
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Sonic Spinball
World Series Baseball
NHLPA Hockey '93
College Football’s National Championship
Ecco: The Tides of Time

All the games are in the box with instruction manual (and I eve have the instruction manual for the Genesis)
Also included in some boxes were: 8 posters, 4 with Sega games/accessories on one side, and Jurassic Park on the other (4 of the same poster) and 1 with games/accessories on one side and Golden Axe on the back, 1 with Eternal Champions on the back, 1 with Sonic 2 on the back. and 1 EA Sports poster.

so everything was in one box and the guy said he wanted $30 but using my clever bargaining skills I talked him down to $25 for everything and I think I made out really well.

I’ve played a few of the games now and they all look in really good condition, connectors are clean, and they all start right up without having to blow in them or anything.

That sounds like you cleaned up and for a ridiculously low price too. Good job! Hopefully, they’ll be as much fun playing as they were bargaining for. :smiley:

What, no Panzer Dragoon Saga?

I’m pretty sure I had that World Series Baseball, and enjoyed it very much. Never cared for Sonic games - I like to explore worlds fully, and the pace discouraged that. Good price, though.


If you’ve also got an xbox or PS3, you might be interested in this.

The xbox collection ruins the experience. People these days with their collections and emulators have no respect for the proper way to play classic games. And actually playing the games is only part of the reason I like collecting them.

A Genesis and games which work first time without cartridge-blowing are worth their weight in gold.

Are you “tired as heck” of it?

What does your friend think of your purchase?


I think his purchase is just fine, thanks.

Let’s see - you got tons of fun games for less than half the price of one current game.

I’d say you did OK.

the d-pads on the controllers are really stiff. I gotta push down hard to go left. Is there anything I can do to make it better? I already took them apart and cleaned them as best I could.

The games are all obnoxiously common, but you struck gold in getting them all boxed and doxxed. I have never understood why Sega games in boxes are so hard to find when most came in nice plastic clamshells (except for EA and Accolade dba “Ballistic” titles IIRC). Why the hell did so many people throw them out? (Like my friends who all pitched their boxes and stuck their SMS and Gen carts in big cassette tape holders…) I also like the Gen 1 model the best out of all three major versions, despite the fact that the connections for the Sega CD and the Gen 1 are really kludgy. It’s the model most compatible with peripherals and games (IIRC Virtua Racing and Ms. Pac-Man, among other titles, and the Power Base Converter do not necessarily work on newer Gen models)… time to find a Power Base Converter and begin collecting Master System games.

Oh, yeah, now you need to find a working model 1 Sega CD. Model 2 works fine with the Gen 1, but model 1 (the undercarriage model with an ejecting CD tray, rather than the sidecar model that toploaded) looks much better with the original Genesis.

$25 for everything you said? Great buy, even if you need to replace the controllers entirely. I’d pay $2 apiece for boxed & doxxed Genny sports and ultracommon games, which means I’d have spent $26 acquiring the titles you grabbed. You spent less and also got a working console. Score.

Also at the flea market I saw a model 1 Sega CD but the guy wanted $15 for it so I passed. The disc cover was missing and he didn’t have any cords.

At home I already have a Model 2 Sega CD (which I bought in the box a few years ago at a yard sale for $15) hooked up to a model 2 Genesis. I only have Jurassic Park (which is too hard; I don’t know what to do) and Jeopardy (I’d rather just play it on another system and not be interrupted by FMV all the time) on Sega CD. I have the 32x with 2 games (Virtua Fighter and Star Wars) but it is very temperemental and last time I played it kept crashing, but I had it hooked up to the Genesis 2 so maybe it’d work better with model 1). I’ve probably got 3 or 4 other Genesis consoles at home (I just keep finding them for cheap at yard sales and stuff and grab them) but now I have another one that works well, and I as you think the games were worth it by themselves anyway.