Rather than Resurrect an Old Thread, I Want to Start it all Over Again

Years ago, I started an IMHO thread entitled “Ever Driven or Ridden in a Six-Digit Car?” I can’t seem to find it on search, so I won’t bother linking to it.

Anyway, I asked if any Dopers had ever driven, or ridden in, a six-digit car such as a Lamborgini, Rolls-Royce, McClaren, etc. The tread got a few responses and then fizzled.

I’d like to ask the question again, since thousands of Dopers have come and gone since then and it’s likely to get some new responses.

Would this be a rule violation?

Technically, yes. The car in question was a hot-rod that the owner claimed to have over 100 grand into it (the guy owns his own auto shops). I didn’t drive it - merely got about a 1,000 foot ride around the block in it. That was far enough.
I wanted to go in with a buddy of mine last time I was in Miami and rent a Ferrari for the day but the $2,500 per day rental fee made me re-think that bright idea.

BTW, I’ve got pictures of the car in question if anyone has any doubts that you can spend a $100,000 restoring a late 60’s muscle car (well, restoring isn’t exactly the right word).

Thanks, Uncommon Sense. If I get permission to start the thread in IMHO, you can tell us there. Here, I’m just interested if I can start such a thread (again) or not.

Perhaps you could label the same thread Part 2 or Vol. 2. That at least respects the fact that you know there was a thread before it.

You might change the definition, since some cars over $100,000 are boring German sedans and it sounds like you’re interested in the more exotic and unusual stuff.

Since so many topics come up with great regularity; and the rule on zombie threads is don’t bump, start a new thread, I can’t see where you’d be running afoul of any rules in re-asking the question.

I mean, how many threads on “How did you pick your username?” have there been in the last year? With all the same people responding to each one…

Of course, IANAMod, and this is just MHO, and YMMV, blah blah blah.

Whoops, didn’t check the forum.
I think the rule of thumb is; If the thread is more than a month old you can fire up another one. So, in this case you’re safe.

Go for it. Indicate you asked for and received permission.

your humble TubaDiva
Who has seen thousands of cars and millions of dollars over the years, but mostly with a stopwatch.