Soliciting opinion from Doper car fanatics

Okay, I’ll try to keep this brief as possible. I’ve never owned a new car, viewing them as lousy investments. That said, I still enjoy cars for their differences.

Right now I own 3 cars, and really should sell 1 or all of them–I think. But which, and for what? The cars:

  1. a 1971 Chevy Malibu (black vinyl over red); it was my mom’s car, has 51K original miles and effortlessly blows the doors off of everything on the highway. I am innudated with heartbroken guy wanting to buy this muscle machine, deeply offended at the damned waste of natural resources of a female librarian driving it.

  2. an 86 Jag XJ5; silver, with the round headlights before Jag foolishly tried to look like Mercs. I love this car, but it’s been a maintenance pain. (The Ex, a Brit motorcycle fan (Norton and Triumph) claimed that Brits drink warm beer because they have Lucas refrigerators, i.e. lousy electricals.)I finally found a non-ripoff place to service it, but still…

  3. A badly rusted but hardy, kickass, laughs at muds, floods and snow Ford Bronco. It hauls canoes, plywood, brick, sacks of mortar, etc.

I like each car for different reasons. But this is getting technicolor ridiculous. I’m a car ignoramus, basically, without a damned clue as to values, deals, the inside skinny, etc.

Any opinion on what to keep, sell, etc.?


Bag the Jag. As a former owner of three MGBs (usually two were running at any given time), I would’ve posted the warm beer joke if you hadn’t. (Actually, I did post it in another thread once.)

The Chevy is a “classic” that you obviously enjoy driving. It sounds like you’re getting a lot of practical use out of the Bronco. I had a Porsche 911SC that was an absolute blast to drive; but the Jeep is much more practical. I kept the Jeep.


I’ll tell ya what I’d keep…the Bronco. I haul alot of stuff, drive plenty of dirt roads, and I live in Minnesota.

Shit. I must be getting old and practical.

Actually it’s a Jag XJ6–not 5.
I’m an ignoramus about cars, and my typing skills aren’t anything to brag about either.


What year is the Bronco?The reason I sold My 74 is the fenders actually rusted off. It was repairable but the expence was not worth it. I could have done the work myself but no time. Being a single(???) lady I assume you have no experience there.
Keep the chevy. Make sure you keep it in a garage. You have a classic there.
Can’t speak for the Jag. never had one. That phase passed before I could afford one

this is just an opinionated suggestion, but have you considered selling all three, to get yourself a truck that compares with your bronco, but newer and in better condition?
Selling 3 to get one, you’d still be coming out ahead $-wise…
(although the Malibu would be a heart-break to part with…)

I don’t suffer from insanity…
I enjoy every minute of it!

Well, the Jaguar isn’t worth anything at all and as you have learned, keeping it running is a lot of trouble. But I feel that you have learned your lesson and really deserve a break so if you can get it to South Florida, I will take it off your hands. I expect to pay the title transfer. I know, I shouldn’t have to do that but thats just the kind of guy I am, always trying to help. And I have a really good friend who would do the same with the Chevy. Keeping the Ford is your best bet and let me know when you will be here with the other two cars.

Having never owned any of the three, my suggestion may mean nothing. Friends of mine have, though. ( I do own an '86 Benz so I understand the $$ of upkeep on an older foreign car, but the car itself is solid. I hope to never sell it).

I’d bag the Jag. I had a friend with an older Jaguar. It was a pretty pain-in-the-ass for as long as he had it.

Gee, Crystalguy, you’re a pal. [rude laughter]

Sorry, I wasn’t very complete here. It’s an 88 Bronco, w/ 140K miles on it. It’s rusting pretty badly, especially on the doors. (Salt on snowy midwestern roads!) It still plugs away like a champ, though. BTW, I’m a stickler for preventative maintenance, oil changes, etc. So it’s given me no real mechanical problems outside of the expected maintenance stuff.

Don’t know if it matters, but I bought the Bronco from my sister, not Al-Your-Jolly-Pal-Salesman-In-A-Plaid-Jacket. I buy cars used, but from folks I know.

Which is part of the problem. I’d like to settle down to 1 car, for insurance purposes if nothing else. Deciding which to sell–and what/where to buy is the next problem. I flatly refuse to pay ridiculous amounts for “new” glitz that depreciates on driving it out of the lot. And buying online makes my blood run cold.

So my mom’s vintage Chevy is a more likely keeper? The Bronco is a workhorse, but it’s doubtful how many more miles I can run under it without starting the “nickle and dime” stuff. I spotted a spiffy Volvo w/ low miles. Any Volvo opinions? The Swedes know snow, right?..


I drive a '68 Road Runner. I will never sell it. Every day (literally) somebody comes up to me with that sad, lost love look in their eyes and just has to tell me about the RR he(or his brother-in-law, or her boyfriend, or…) used to have. “…god, I wish…”

Don’t become one of them. Keep the Malibu (even if it is a shivvy). It being ‘moms car’ is all the more reason.

Well, I know virtually nothing about American cars. Well, I am currently madly in lover with the new Chrysler PT Cruiser, and I will definately take a test spin in one when they hit Europe this summer, but that’s another thing.

I know Jags are a pain to maintain, but they are also very cool. Just be lucky you don’t havea 12 cylinder model! Those are even worse… But if money is an issue, the Jag must go.

As for Volvos: what model did you see? They are usually very reliable, and well equiped for snow. Little rust, great brakes and very safe.

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I currently have two cars…a 1972 buick skylark custom convertable…red with white top. I will never sell that car…it is the most fun to drive. But it’s not an everyday car, for that, I have an 85 honda. I agree with everyone here…keep the Malibu, get rid of the Jag…and I’d also favor getting rid of the truck in favor of something esle. Besides the age factor, it probably guzzles gas. And I don’t imagine the Malibu gets great milage either. With gas at $1.50 a gallon, I only have one gas hog…