Rather Urgent -- What are the best places in NY to buy Halloween costumes?

As titled!

I * Think* there’s still a good place on 4th ave near 12th street. Start at the astor place kmart and walk north, it’s on the left, before union square…

Uh…yeah…for what its worth that place is still there. You cant miss it.


From LCC’s link I like Abracadabra and not listed there is the Halloween Adventure store. (plus HA has a sister Gothic store right next door to it) But the boss at the Halloween Adventure is a big jerk and yells at the staff a lot.
Oh and Gordon Novelty is closed but you may want to check out 8th street between 8th ave and NYU. Lots of interesting places to buy interesting clothes.

If you don’t mind going to Queens, Rubies’s in Richmond Hill is good.

LCC, great link! Just what I was looking for.