Rayh and Lady in Red, your 'joke' wasn't funny.

I say ‘joke’ because actually calling it a joke would be a disrespect to all jokes ever. Before I go even further, here’s the link for reference:

Listen, while in all other instances I like you rayh, that thread was some cock-gobbling douchebaggery right there. Maybe it reflects more upon me than upon you guys, but the perfect storm of bullshit, condescension, and unskilled humor has burrowed under my skin, worked its way up into my gall bladder, and now the bile must spill forth lest the innocent suffer my wrath.

Where should I begin? Oh fuck it, let’s start from the top. The OP. What. The. Fuck. Lady in Red, do you always type like a chimpanzee on qualudes? You mentioned that some folks were being condescending to you. This is true. That doesn’t change the fact that reading your posts makes the homunculus inside my head punch himself in the face, because truly getting punched in the face is better for my mental health than reading the drivel that spews from your virtual mouth. To put it in simple English, the point of language is to communicate. While your stream of run-on sentences, ellipses, ‘alternative’ spellings and such other grammar monstrosities might be cute, it does not lend itself to effective discourse. Stop it. Oh, and don’t think I’m picking on you just for shits and giggles. While your writing may elicit both, the fact remains your grammar is going to get on people’s nerves.

Oh, but if that was the only problem with that thread, then most likely I could have had a beer and a wank and all would be well with the world. No, even more irritating than the grammar was the way you took advantange of the board’s trust. Sure, big deal you might say. Well, I can’t speak for others, but I took the mangled garbage that was the OP as seriously as my mind could grok it. I interpreted that you two had a domestic dispute and that Lady in Red seriously wanted Rayh to grovel.

Advice was offered. People put their time and energy into helping the fake situation. Dopers on the whole are motherfucking good people, and to use them like a 99 cent condom just so you and your sweetheart can get some jollies makes me angrier than the sun in Super Mario 2. Did not this thought go through your mind? Are you carelessly inconsiderate or just an asshole? Well, it doesn’t really matter, because after the jig was up, all you did was try to shrug it off like it was no big deal. In a way you’re right, it’s not a big deal. So, what is a big deal? I think it was shit behavior, and I’m calling you two out for it. “It’s just a message board. Switch to decaf Auto.” Well fuck that. That’s the world’s sluttiest strawman I know, and I’m not going to get splinters on my dick.

Last but not least, even for a joke, it was horribly unfunny. It was poorly executed, badly written, and all around fail. Dare I say epic fail? No, I do not. There was nothing epic about that thread. In conclusion, you lose. Good day sir.

Worth it for this alone.

You lose points for use of yesterday’s favorite insult (douchebaggery).

You also lose points for admitting to actually reading through her posts at all. I mean seriously, what the fuck? You should really be pitting yourself for subjecting your brain to such cruel and outrageous torture.

Personally, I think YOU should lose points for reading through all of the above OP.

Wait, the guy she was talking about is an SDMB poster?

As Frank noted in the thread, I thought it was against the rules for couples to bring their personal shit to this board, even if the nature of that shit is getting laughs by pulling Dopers’ chains. Also, there seem to be several blatant admissions of trolling in that thread. For instance, here he said:

Isn’t posting something you know is obnoxious just to get a reaction from people the definition of trolling? One has to wonder what sort of reaction he thought LiR’s OP was going to get here, in the land of language nerds and grammar Nazis. Hey, it’s a JOKE!!! But if you didn’t get that it was a joke (and really, how could you? I barely knew it was English), then clearly YOU are the problem. :rolleyes:

It seems surprising to me that the thread is getting a pass. In the past I have always liked rayh, but that thread is ridiculous.

If I were still a mod, I would have nailed that thread to the ground. I would have felt fully justified by precedent in doing so. Then I’d have got Pitted. :slight_smile:

I agree with your assessment. Aside from that, in your expert opinion, do you think they were also trolling or what?

I reported that post before any replies were made, so I skimmed it briefly. But you actually read that thing?!! :eek:

And I skimmed the entire thread just now since it was linked and it seems to have gone downhill from the OP.
ETA: Now I’m wondering if I hit submit on that report. Memory isn’t what it used to be.

Well I skimmed most of it and only read enough to give me a couple of points to snark at.

Words are hard.

Tough question, or perhaps a tough answer. Yes, I do think they were (are) trolling, as it happens. Honestly, I wouldn’t have let it get so far as to be able to tell that they were trolling, which is why I would have been Pitted. To which I would have responded, “precedent!” which which precedent I would firmly (and personally) agree was correct.

Real-life couples have been slapped down before for bringing their issues on the board. There is no reason this thread should be different, and it was a bad decision by the mods.

Autolycus, you really need to pit people more often. Although I’ve seen Oakminster flitting back around the boards, so you might want to consider including the mandatory fuckwit.

All I can say is that I’m glad I jumped off that train before it wrecked. I got far enough into the linked thread OP to determine that it wasn’t something serious.

Fortunately now Lady In Red and Rayh have zero credibility or less for any future postings so that people can just ignore them and move on.

Hope that they never have any real need of assistance.

How DO you make a man grovel without use of the words love and sorry?

And why would you want to?

Truly, I am glad she belongs on the other side of the Pond. I’m not sure which is my favorite part: her ignorance of the word “snark” or her attempt at punctuation. She’s waaaaay thicker than two planks–let’s try an entire lumber load. I hereby dub her Grammar Spice.

I concur that this is trolling, by definition: deliberately posting an untrue situation, solely to provoke responses.

However, since there is moderator disagreement, we will discuss this in email and let you know how we decide. Give us a day or two. Meanwhile, I have closed the thread.

Did you close it or just think about closing it. :smiley:

ETA: I promise to read for comprehension in the future.

Wait, so Lady In Red is not really as dumb as a bag of hammers?

There’s a bag of hammers in my client’s warehouse that would like you to stop insulting it.

Thank you.

Jeez, rayh is right. He thought this place had a sense of humor, and it seems he overestimated it. What’s wrong, the SDMB doesn’t get enough real trolls so we have to invent them?

Well, I certainly don’t think it’s trolling, but for a joke to be a joke it’s usually a good idea to allow people a chance (just a chance, mind) of working out what the blithering fuck is going on. Otherwise you’re not joking with them, you’re playing a joke on them.