Ways To Make A Man Grovel

First of all i apologise for not being on here,i do pop on to take a look Reminds herself (must be more active on here :smack:)I have a problem and need some suggestions on how to make a man grovel not just a sorry but to hear him grovel so far hes not been any good at it,he knows who he is Comes from the place where sheep are in uk :D,must admit he did try groveilling for over an hour last night,but didnt work why because i banned any words of love and the sorry word,think hes feeling a bit sheepish now :rolleyes:,he wrote on a thread here once that he was romancing a lady in her 40s who was never very adventurous in her previous marraige,i read it and wrote an email to him telling him off about it plus a few more things were said,so before im bedridden with this stupid flu bug i would really like to hear him grovel so any suggestions to him would be welcome,come on Rayh own up you need help bad,opps let his name slip :eek:


Lady in Red, I don’t mean to be snarky or rude, but if you reposted that with clear sentences and a bit more information, you might get more responses.

Punctuation is also helpful. The culture of this message board is one where posters are generally aware that when you can’t see or hear each other, our words are important. They do create a good or bad impression.

I’d give you my tips on making a man grovel, but I believe it actually isn’t healthy for a relationship. It tends to over-dramatise whatever slight instigated the issue in the first place, and devolves into game-playing and subsequent resentment. I’m trying to be a mature partner, and if my husband messes up, and sincerely apologises, it’s my place to accept his apology, and move on. I’d want the same from him when it’s me that has screwed up.

You are being snarky whatever that means and rude,My sentences are as clear as yours,punctuation marks what are they did i miss some out,they can still be read without them,if it doesnt come up to your expectations why read it ,you want more info no wasnt intending to write War and Peace tonight,and as for the grovelling it is not unhealthy in a relashionship and you do not know what my relashionship is,was i just writing that for a joke to get my own back and do you have a sense of humour,ive been a very MATURE partner well i was for 28 years,it was my ex who wasnt mature,if your partner had messed up like mine you wouldnt accept a sorry and as you dont know my story who are you to judge me,

What the. . .

Seriously, Lady in Red, I cannot understand what you’re trying to say–it’s a long run-on sentence. (And you’d have better luck in the MPSIMS forum, too).

Yes, you missed some punctuation and capitalization.

Lady in Red, I’m sorry you thought I was being rude. However, the post is easier for people read and respond to when it’s punctuated properly:

You are being snarky, whatever that means, and rude. My sentences are as clear as yours. Punctuation marks–what are they? Did I miss some out? They can still be read without them. If it doesn’t come up to your expectations, why read it? You want more info? No, wasn’t intending to write War and Peace tonight, and as for the grovelling, it is not unhealthy in a relationship. And, you do not know what my relationship is. Was I just writing that for a joke to get my own back? And do you have a sense of humour? I’ve been a very *mature *partner… well, I was for 28 years. It was my ex who wasn’t mature. If your partner had messed up like mine, you wouldn’t accept a ‘sorry’. And as you don’t know my story; who are you to judge me?

I don’t know your story, and I don’t know if it’s a joke–you didn’t tell us.

Oh I kinda feel like a dick for doing that. This person has joined the board to say… something… about their SO and all we’ve done is crap on them (well some of us)

Wait, this person seems to want men to Grovel… I no longer feel bad.

The end is coming…


Lady in Red, I don’t think Savannah was being in the least snarky and rude. She’s merely pointed out some helpful advice. Your OP is one long run-on fragment. There isn’t even a period at the end. It’s very hard to parse.

I dunno where this belongs, but it’s sure not in About This Message Board.

I guess I’ll move it to the “In My Humble Opinion”, but Lady in Red, I don’t think you’re going to get an answer here because I don’t think there is an answer. The man has grovelled for over an hour, you said, and you wouldn’'t let him apologize? What the hell more do you want?

Lady, are you, like, 15?

I vote that she’s drunk.

Your text reads more like Flowers for Algernon, pre-operation.

As for your question I think you need to give up on the guy and buy yourself a basset hound, thereby satisfying your need to see a hangdog face continually.


Grovelling is just fine between consenting adults, but one needs to be mature enough to sit down and discuss their grovelling expectations with each other. If someone’s not mature enough to discuss grovelling, they’re not ready to grovel with you. Don’t just grovel or accept grovelling because of what one party in the relationship wants. To honor each other, you should both feel comfortable. There are even those who pledge to abstain from grovelling, and they’re no less valuable a person than the trendy hipsters.

I’m going to hell for this: Foreign.
(i.e. English is not their mother tongue)

Write him a letter and make him read it.

She wants to make him grovel, not torture him.

and what is the quickest way to make someone grovel?

If you are serious about wanting to “make your man grovel,” coupled with already having made him grovel, and not accepting his apology or even “allowing” him to tell you he loves you (seriously, WTF??), you have no business being in an adult relationship. I hope he dumps your sorry butt.

And if what he did was so terrible that an apology isn’t good enough, why aren’t you dumping him?

O shit. I just realized. my 12 year old niece, when she was eight, wrote like a genius. now she writes like the OP.