Razor Burn

How do you cure razor burn that occurs on the face. And what is it caused by?

Cure…aftershave. Burns like hell…but it works.

Cause…pressing to hard with the razor or shaving dry. Neither is a good idea.

I use an electric and I love it. I rarely get razor burn.
Tough it out like a man! It only lasts a few minutes anyway.

Sometimes I use a puree mask of fresh fruits and vegetables.

You’ll need:

1 banana, older the better
2 cups of yougart, any flavor
any frozen fruit, but I like straws, blacks, and rasps

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend on high.

Now you can either smear it on your face in a circular pattern, or put it in a cup and drink it, like I do. The taste will take your mind off the burn. :smiley:

Is there any way to prevent razor burn on legs? I’ve tried using aftershave, but it hurt like hell and didn’t really help.

There are now three-bladed razors on the market. I was cynical, but after repeated prompting from my boyf tried one and…

they work really well, and I don’t get razor burn!!

might be worth a try for you too.


Shave in the shower. It wastes hot water and you don’t get a mirror but – no razor burn!

Never go against the lay of the hair. It feels smoother and makes your SO happier, but it causes ingrown hairs and greater razor burn.

Don’t shave! :stuck_out_tongue: (where’s the bearded lady smiley with hairy legs?)

before you shave wash your face with hair conditioner (the kind you use on the hair on your head ) you will be amazed at the shave you will get

My friend told me and I am skeptical, that when you dry shave, you are actually ripping the hairs out, not cutting them. Thus causing the burn.

dave316 said: ***before you shave wash your face with hair conditioner (the kind you use on the hair on your head ) you will be amazed at the shave you will get ***

I just tried this and…wow! What a great and simple idea. I’m (easily?) impressed.

Now, do I still need to repeat?



No, really! It shrinks the little capillary vessels that are the cause of the redness. So, really, it’s not curing the razor burn as much as treating the symptoms, but it apparently works.

Or so say porn stars who use it to mask the razor burn on their pubic areas during taping.

Unfortunately, I would estimate that you’d go through quite a bit of it if you use it regularly.


ladies, i’d go for the shaving oil (somersets myself) and a good SHARP razor. conditioner is also good. or there’s always waxing…if you like the pain, mess and expense.

gentlemen, i also had a male friend who used women’s razors on his face, the kind with the mosturising strip. how do i know thi? because he made me go and buy them for him, because he was embarassed. he said they stayed sharper for longer and didn’t wreck his face. well, it’s an option. the road less traveled and all that…

Totally unrelated story, but I think it’s really cute.

My friend Daniel was hardcore into swimteam in high school, and decided to shave his legs as a show of dedication. But he didn’t realize that you can use any razor on your legs; he thought he had to go out and get women’s razors, because they were specially made for legs.

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