WTF is wrong with me Dr? (razor burn question)


So, after I shave with a razor I often get “razor burn” along my beard line on my neck. This is fairly common among other men in their early 20’s I understand. Anyways, the day after I shave I almost always develope about 2-3 small red bumps with a white tip around my mouth (but not on my lips). The bumps are not zits (although they have a white tip), are not cold sores, and do not contain any noticeable puss (just the white head). They look most like razor burn, but they only come the day after I shave and the area around my mouth is not generally sore/red except for these bumps.

Does anyone know what the deal might be and how to prevent them? My problem is I am a fidgety dude and I pick at things like that which just makes them all red and gross.


Big question: What kind of razor are you using, and what kind of lubrication, if any?

A lot of times, if your facial hair is especially curly, it could just be that your hairs have curled under the skin and caused a blockage in the pores. It happens to a lot of people, myself included. It also depends on the razor you use. When it happened to me, I was using a Norelco electric razor, but since I went to an old fashioned blade, I’ve had no problems. And it also helps to shave against the grain.