Re: Classic Threadspotting

I didn’t see a thread discussing this, so if there’s already one open, just point me there…

With old threads being brought back out to the forefront, will they be locked, or will posting to the classic threads be allowed?

In case anyone wonders what I’m talking about: Link.

We are of course talking about the threads that haven’t been erased.

My guess is they will be locked. Zombies are frowned upon in just about every forum, and some of these will be 6-7 years old.

That’s what I thought too.

Has there been any recent thought for a forum of locked “Classics?”

In my proposal to TubaDiva it was stated that Classic Threadspotting threads should be locked before posting. If someone wishes to bring the issue back up, a new thread may be started, of course.

I believe this is going to be the case, but I certainly am not the last word on this.

As far as a locked archive, “it’s not my department…”

It is my hope that ultimately all threads more than, say, a year old will be in “read-only” or archive status.

Can’t tell you if/when that will happen, though.

I can tell you that we do keep a list of true classic threads in the Threadspotting archives. You can access them starting with the Archive page:

You can access some of them. There are a lot that are now dead links, I suppose because they’ve been purged from the database. Sigh.

My $0.02…

I’d like to see at least one new reply added to each Classic Threadspotting thread. Perhaps Tuba could add such a post right before or right after any locking. This would bump the thread to the first page of the forum (for Dopers who don’t visit the SD Home Page as often as we should), and – if I understand past circumstances correctly – provide to the thread a bit of protection from eventual deletion.

ETA: I love the idea of Classic Threadspotting

It is also my hope that material that has been moved will be returned . . . in some form . . . in some way. I’m gonna be hopeful until I hear different, too.

What happened to the ones from 2005 and before that? The earliest thread is from 6-19-06. I know we had more before that, right?

Threadspotting archive page: