Re-ordering music in iTunes Library

So a friend is reinstalling her iTunes library & is having problem getting the songs in proper order from the albums. The original albums are long gone since she put them into her previous computer. So now the songs either fall into alphabetical order or when she puts them into numerical order, it messes up with cut 10 on up & puts them right after 1. I tell her to relist 10+ as 9-10, 9-11, etc. but she wants it the right way. If she did 1-9 as 01-09, would 10+ follow suit? Thanks!

Is she putting the track numbers in the appropriate field in iTunes? If so, the songs should be in the right order, given that she sorts the library by Artist, 01 or 1 shouldn’t matter.

I misunderstood her. What I should have said was-
She’s downloading the music song by song, double-clicks on the download list & it goes into iTunes & then she goes into Get Info & types in the information herself. She doesn’t want to have to enter the number into the song title but wants to be able to access a screen that allows her to change the order of the music maybe by dragging them as you would in a playlist but have that as the order that is kept in the library. She does not want to have each album as a playlist but wants them to be in the right order in the library.

We got it now! THanks!