Re: Suspension of members

I was in the unfortunate position of being suspended of my posting privileges last week. And I would like to bring to the attention of the board-managers one of the difficulties that ensued.

I was suspended without notification from the moderator concerned, so I was left without any recourse to explain my reasoning for posting such an irresponsible OP as I did. It also denied me the opportunity to contact that Moderator, or any other moderator during the period of my suspension because without access to the Boards, it is impossible to access the email addresses of any moderators. I had not stored the email addresses of the SDMB mods in my email file (silly me!!) and was thus left with no other option than to contact another member of the SDMB board who WAS able to access them and THEN email me with the relevant email address/es.

I feel that it is quite unfair that, not only are people suspended without notification, but that they are unable to at least contact the suspender to explain their actions, regardless of the outcome of such an explanation. I was lucky in that at least I knew other members of the board who could provide me with email addies, but I expect there are other members who might not have the same advantage.

What happens to them??

From the FAQ:

When someone is placed on suspension, that usually means that the situation is such that a “time out” is in order.

And usually the suspendee knows full well what’s going on.

I do not (yet) know the circumstances of your situation, but I will get the details and get back to you.

your humble TubaDiva

Looks like you were suspended for offensive posting while drunk.

It’s the online version of a DWI.

While it is true that if we suspended everybody that posted while drunk you could sit and hear the wind blow down the empty canyon of Straight Dope cyberspace, after seeing the post in question, I can understand why this action was taken.

your humble TubaDiva

I expect most of those few recall, since it’s mentioned here about once a week. Also, Cecil’s address is available on every page, plus the webmaster’s.

From Lynn’s closing post, in the thread in question:

With all respect and consideration for the job the admins and moderators have in policing this board – Lynn didn’t make any mention of the suspension being because of excessive alcohol, but that a joke thread had been started up there, a non-rant.

You couldn’t logout and access the boards as a guest? I would be surprised to find out they had banned your IP too.

Guests do not have access to member’s email addresses or the Search function.

Yes, I know.

As a guest you can access the FAQ, which Achernar linked to earlier in the thread. So as long as you can browse the forums as a guest, you have access to the contact information.