Re: Who gets the most pleasure from sex

Although a female may have a more pleasing orgasm, I think it’s safe to say the vast majority of vaginal sex ends with the male orgasm. The occurence of a female orgasm during sex depends largely on the skill of her partner. A females orgasm is hoped for. For most males, orgasm is expected.

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This is obviously a question that can only be answered with a valid statistical sample. Send 1,000 women to my house and I will be happy to take notes and report results.

As a woman, ( an OLD woman, you dogs.) I can tell you your premise is flawed.
First of all, society tells us that vaginal sex is supposed to end with male orgasm. In day to day reality, it an’t necessarily so.
Secondly, the skill of one’s partner is largely in that partner’s head. We are all responsible for our own orgasm; that is, if we want to have them.
Sensitive men will ask their partner what works. Most of the women I know, myself included, tell them something. But, in fact, its a lot like a definition of pornography, paraphrased: I can’t tell you what it is, but I know it when I feel it.

There are only two real studies of sex. The first, The Kinsey Report was conducted during a time of major sexual repression. The conclusions about women were what women of the time thought was expected. I admit, I’ve only read bits of it, so I could be misinformed.
The other major study was by Masters and Johnson on Human Sexual Response. They too, took the words of women who, though not quite so repressed, had no role models for sexuality, so to keep from being thought deviant, waltzed out the same old drivel.
We’ve kept our secrets well.
If one measures pleasure by number and length of orgasm, women win, hands down. :smiley:

You kiddin’?
My orgasms are over six and a half inches long!