"Reaction videos" on youtube

I’m staying away from the Sherlock thread because I don’t want to see spoilers. I’ve been whiling away the waiting time until tomorrow night by looking at a few trailers on youtube, and mingled with them I’m seeing something new or at least new to me: reaction videos.

A fangirl sets up a camera to record her (or her friend’s or her sister’s) reaction to a yet unseen episode of some favorite television show or movie. Their reactions can by hysterical and hysterically funny, and sometimes touching. The drooling fangirl thing can be annoying, too, but their emotions are genuine and intense and make me wish I had buds like these to share favorite shows or movies with.

I’ve just been watching a couple of reaction videos to the Reichenbach episode, and the emotional progression from shock to sobbing grief to astonished delight at the very end is a sight to see.

Buzzfeed had a compilation of fan reactions to the “Red Wedding” epsiode of Game of Thrones, unfortunately I can’t locate the link.

One day soon everybody will have their own Truman Show channel.

Here are some great reactions to playing Amnesia: Dark Decent

This game scared me enough that I quit playing. It’s fun to watch other, though.

Some of my favorite shows on YouTube are TheFineBros “React” series. They have four - Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, and YouTubers React (people with popular channels reacting to unrelated videos). What’s sometimes fun is people with featured videos sometimes post new videos reacting to the episode about them. YouTubers React tends to be focused on YouTube phenomena - what makes something viral, or something that was significant or interesting in YouTube history.

I first became acquainted with the phenomenon with a different death scene back in season 1 of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t read/watched it, here be spoilers.

Here is a quick take that Conan O’Brien put together from fan videos for George R.R. Martin on his show. There is another compilation video that lasts over 6 minutes and contains most of the reactions in the Conan clip with many, many more.