Really Gross Commercial (Wash. DC area specific)

Oh my, this one has got to be one of the grossest commercials I have ever seen! The DC Lottery has been showing a new ad. It starts out nicely enough, a well dressed young woman steps out of a building and walks down the steps to the sidewalk … where she promptly steps into a pile of dog poop! She is wearing some strippy sandals too, mind you, so yes, there is contact between foot and poo (yech!). As if that’s not bad enough, the woman looks down and then begins to retch!!

Who in their -right- mind would think that this would be a good commercial to make for the DC Lottery?! Um, no… and no! I made it about 3/4 of the way through the ad once. Each time it’s come on again, I have switched the channel. I cannot be the only one to find this extremely offensive.

I think since it’s for the DC Lottery, that it is probably specific to stations in the Washington DC area, so I guess those of you around the country can be thankful for that at least. I mean honestly, this ad is so very gross. I can even see it appealing to young kids, which is the only group I can think of who might get a “kick” out of seeing someone step in a pile of dog poo!

Found the commercial on, hopefully, here is the link to it:

Link to Gross DC Lottery Commercial

Among some people, it is a sign of good luck. (Probably along the same lines as the old advice to eat a live toad first thing every morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day).

There’s some new credit score commercial where they are playing on the fact that there are three different scores that you need to be aware of - so they show three people dressed up as credit scores - two are pretty good scores and are portrayed by muscled he-men, but the third score is a bit lower and portrayed by a short fat bald schlub. OK, point made, good enough.

But no, not only does the schlub have to be visually inferior, they also have to make him disgusting. They show him picking his ear and eating the wax! WHY?? This is the only commercial that I fast forward through (other than the loud screamy “I want my money now!” ones).

If I was in the market for that sort of thing, I’d be much more likely to buy it from the people who make the one where they are singing cute songs dressed as pirate waiters.