Really nice election story (not political)

I just came across this tidbit. It was written by a medical student in Evanston, IL about his early voting experience.

That brought a tear to my eye. How wonderful is this election? Even if Obama doesn’t win (and of course I hope he does) it’s still historic. I’m so proud, and I’m a white farm girl from Kansas!

My brother lives in Texas, and he teared up when he voted too. A pity that most likely at most one of his favorites will win in Texas. (Obama’s down by 10-12, last I saw, and Noriega’s down 6. Dunno what House district he’s in.)

Nitpick: that’s from Evansville, IN. As far as I know, there is no medical school in Evanston. Northwestern’s medical school is downtown.

:smack::smack::smack: I shoulda known better than to brain fart like that. My sister lived in Evansville, Indiana for several years, before moving to Valparaiso.

My 103 year old grandmother has advance voted. Grandma is almost 104, and this is her 21st straight presidential election.

I think Grandma is registered Republican. She’s probably as well or better informed about the issues than I am.