Really Not All That Bright's birthday showed up as a calendar item!?!?

To my recollection, and according to my computer search, RNATB has never even sent me an email.

Does anyone have any guesses as to how his/her birthday got plugged into my Mac Calendar? This is kind of creepy and disturbing.

Is there a corresponding contact record somewhere? (Not sure where these live on a Mac) - I mean, a contact distinct from the calendar event - if so, that contact record might say something about where it originated.

Lemme guess… you are/were a LinkedIn user?

Stop leaving your laptop at the coffee shop. :wink: Seriously, though, when does your computer think my birthday is?

Maybe you know him or her in RL. And hopefully in an as awkward manner as possible.

This is exactly what I was thinking, assuming she’s got his real name. If she’s got his handle, I’m out of ideas, other than Stoid getting drunk some night and putting it in as a joke, and then promptly forgetting about it.

Username or real name?
You both on Facebook- maybe part of the SDMB group?

<twirls mustache> Aha, phase one of my plan is working!

I’m part of the SDMB group on Facebook but my real name is only in the “introduce yourself” doc thingy. I can’t see any way my name would get from there to her calendar. As far as I know, we’re not Facebook friends, although there are a few Dopers I’m FB friends with whose Doper identities I’m confused about.

According to my calendar, you will turn 31 on August 20. And there is some holland and numerals in your contact info.

I am not a linkedin user, although I probably have some minor profile, doesn’t everyone? I’m on facebook, yes, but no SDMB contacts there or anywhere, really.

I save pretty much everything and I can’t find any trace of mail or anything else that caused this. VERY strange.

! That is correct. Except the Holland part.

Wow. That’s weird. Do you have your birthday in your SDMB profile? Maybe one night, while sleep-surfing the boards, Stoid saw your profile and entered your bday…


There isn’t even a field for birthdays.

Your old screen name, surely, with the numerals. I wonder what useful piece of information could have been in my head all this time instead of remembering that.

Did you happen to write it down from hereor here?

Yes there is. I see your birthday listed in your profile. I just checked. It’s on the upper right, in the mini statistics box.

I was trying to be sly, but I see your email is avail: dutchboy.

After the paint, not the country. Oh, I see what you mean.

That wasn’t really a secret or anything. My original SDMB handle was dutchboy208.

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