RealPlayer/youtube help, please.

Since the last Microsoft auto update, the magic RealPlayer “save this video” thingy doesn’t pop up when I mouse-over a youtube clip. How do I make it come back, or work around it?

IE, XP, and I’m (obviously) clueless about the the proper terms for things.

Will System Restore fix it?

Try this,
Open Realplayer, go to Tools > Preferences > Download & Recording, make sure Enable Web Download & Recording is checked, make sure one of the Show the button options is checked (mouse-over and right click are the better choices IMHO). You might want to chose a Save Files to folder yourself, the default AFAICT is My Documents\My Videos\RealPlayer Downloads.

(IPS you won’t see any changes unless you do.)

I also had it mysteriously disappear and this fixed it for me.

CMC +fnord!

That worked! Thank you so very much!