Recent (from 2000) movie theme tunes you can't get enough of...

For me, it’s gotta be from Road To Perdition… the one just at the closing credits where the kid (Tyler something or other - he plays Michael Sullivan Jr.) has his last few lines of the film.

To me it just emotes a sense of classic-ness that time forgets. It’s absorbing and drowning at the same time.

And it has this wierd effect of being extremely sad yet sort of positively uplifting too.

How about you guys?

–Note: Songs after 2000 are considered “recent”

I was going to suggest “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” from Toy Story (especially the version sung by Robert Goulet), but that was pre-2000.

So I’ll continue the Pixar trend and go with the “Scare Floor” theme from Monsters Inc. – very reminescent of “Powerhouse,” but not a derivative of it, and imminently hummable IMO. Power horns!

I was hooked for days on the theme song from “The Triplets of Belleville.”

The “Concerning Hobbits” theme from the Lord of the Rings movies.