Recommend a game like Medal of Honor

Yes. I’m one-dimensional, game wise. I love Medal of Honor for PS2. There’s another one due out, but not for a long time. I love the story, the graphichs and the control.

For those of you who’ve played it, are there similar games as far as the first person shooter style?

Timesplitters 2 is just what you are looking for.

I’ll give it a try.

Hmmm, if you’ve access to a copy on PC there are expansion packs available aren’t there. Not too useful if you’re a PS2 only person :slight_smile:

If you do have a decent gaming PC, check out the Call of Duty demo, from some of the makers of MOH… supposed to be out in a month or two. Demo level feels a bit linear, but intense.

I was planning on asking this very question today, so I’m just going to bump this thread instead and see if any more suggestions come up. Thanks

The Call of Duty demo is a lot of fun. It captures the feel of movies like Saving Private Ryan, which is probably what you’re looking for.

Probably not hugely realistic, but lots of fun.

Also, if you have broadband, check out a half-life mod: Day of Defeat. Multiplayer ww2 action. :slight_smile:

Have you played Ghost Recon?

Remember, it has to be PS2.
I tried Hitman 2 today.


Ghost Recon series is great. has great lists of games by genre.

For the PS2, I really enjoyed Ghost Recon. I played it after MoH, and while you spend more time sneaking around it’s loads of fun to be able to switch between squadmates during a firefight. Choosing your team members (and having ones injured on the last mission unavailable) adds just enough strategy to the mix.

For the PC, Call of Duty comes out next week (10/29 or 10/30 depending on who you believe). The demo available online is good, but the one that shipped with PC Gamer mag is much more intense. It looks like it will capture what MoH lost with the expansions. I am REALLY looking forward to this game!

A great and perhaps not that widely known game for the PC that is similar in many ways to MoH is VIETCONG. The multiplayer rocks.

My WWII game of choice is Battlefield 1942. The core game is great, and there are also several good mods - there is one (name forgotten) that is much more realistic than the unashamedly arcadey basic game, where it rarely takes more than two shots to kill someone and all the vehicles have realistic armament (as opposed to fighters with 15 bombs). There is also Desert Combat, which usually has more servers running it than the un-modded game - it combines maps based on modern desert conflicts (mostly Desert Storm stuff, but I think they are adding some others) with the maps from the original game, so you can have some rather surreal battles (Coalition vs. Iraq on Omaha Beach). The only other mod I have played is Eve of Destruction, which is set in Vietnam and is very well done. They even changed the weapon recoil model around to make it more realistic.

Anyway, if you get BF1942 you essentially get several great historical team-based FPSs with a lot of vehicular action, at least on the PC. I’ve heard about some console versions of BF1942, but I haven’t kept up, and with consoles you don’t get mods.

Wait, I also played the GI Joe mod and the Parallel Worlds one, but I could never find a server with many people on it.