Recommend a Realistic Game

I play PS4 pretty infrequently. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with games I perceive as unrealistic. I had really bad experiences with “Ghost Recon Wildlands” (boring game, and unexpectedly cut short by the impossibly difficult Sam Fischer level) and “The Division” (everyone has superhuman hit points). I’m really sick of playing games where headshots do nothing and human beings can absorb dozens of bullets without flinching. Or games where a superior defensive position counts for nothing, thanks to super-powers and randomized spawn points.

I don’t play PC games, and my computer isn’t powerful enough to run things like Arma. I tried the PS3 Flashpoint but it was hard as nails and the bugs made it unplayable. Is there anything good for PS4? I’m getting kind of sick of being tea-bagged by children just because they have better kit or drink more Red Bull.

Hmm, tough question for PS4. My recommendation would have definitely been Arma3.

Perhaps Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, or Battlefield One with reduced HUD settings and playing on hardcore servers.

FWIW I had a lot of fun playing Ghost Recon Wildlands co-op with a friend, but that Sam Fisher mission was BS. We read some hints online on how to best accomplish it. It was really stupid you had to be so stealthy going in or you failed the mission, but then all the sudden it’s an intense firefight.

On the other hand, the Sam Fisher thing is 100% optional just like the Predator mission and (I assume) the new R6 Siege crossover mission. It shouldn’t be cutting anyone’s game short.

But of course, if you weren’t enjoying the game anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Seems like Rainbow Six Siege is more for your liking. Headshots kill using any weapon at any range, and you tend to die after 5-6 bullet hits.

Yeah, I thought the game was decent but kind of repetitive. The problem with the Fisher level is that while it is technically optional, every time you respawn you begin at night and have to listen to the radio chatter ordering you to start the mission. It gets very tiresome trying to play despite it.

Realistic first person shooters which aren’t on PC are going to be few and far between. I was going to recommend the original Operation Flashpoint, Swat 3, Swat 4, Insurgency or Red Orchestra but I’m having a very hard time coming up with non-arcade-y FPSs on consoles.

Yeah. I thought they patched that although I play on PC so maybe not on PS4 or maybe you quit before that. Anyway, I agree that R6 Siege may be more what you’re looking for mechanically although it’s mainly a PvP game with a very limited PvE. But if you’re cool with PvP then it has single kill headshots and positioning/map knowledge is king and unlocking an Operator gets you their entire loadout.

PUBG just dropped on PS4. That might be what you want, but maybe not too.

If you like ArmA and PUBG, you might want to try the recently “left alpha” DayZ for PS4. Although it’s still a bit of a buggy, zombie-less mess considering it’s been in “early access” development for 5 years.

I’m playing Far Cry 5 right now and most enemies aren’t bullet sponges; Most of them can be taken out with one shot, especially from a sniper rifle. The enemies that do require more than one gunshot can usually be taken out with explosives which are always fun and pretty in Far Cry.

The game rewards good positioning and maneuvering, including with computer-controlled teammates who don’t feel like drunk toddlers. Ordering airstrikes or sniper support from your teammates is actually helpful. You can play coop but don’t have to.

A lot of the story seems like it was created by a committee of 12-year-olds who were told to come up with something “edgy and cool” but you can skip all that to get to the good stuff like outpost assaults which are freeform mini-levels.
If you really don’t want to use a PC but have access to a tablet, you might be able to play Door Kickers which is largely the opposite of games with bullet spongey enemies and no tactical sense, here’s a review:

An upcoming game that may be of interest is Generation Zero.

I discovered the Arcade mode in Far Cry 5: Community-created outpost maps. It’s great. If FC5 were only that, it would be worth the price.

Yes, that one too. The release date is given as “2019” which suggests it’ll be a while.

wrong thread

Has anyone here played Detroit: Become Human yet?

I only say that because I was thinking of suggesting Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain isn’t an action game by any stretch, but the investigation of the murders/missing kids and what little action scenes there are seem pretty realistic to me. If you can get over the QTE control scheme then it’s pretty fun. However, Heavy Rain is only a PS3 game. Detroit: Become Human is from the same developer (Quantic Dream) and is PS4.