Recommend a wireless headset

I work in a loud shop and spend 95% of my time near my computer. I purchased a Motorola s805 awhile ago and have had nothing but problems with it. It finally it gave up the ghost or rather it stopped working after I threw it against the floor. Now I need a new one.

It doesn’t need a microphone, but it absolutely must be reliable and go up to 60ft.

I really like my Motorola S9.

Some people don’t like in-the-ear headsets but it’s quite comfortable after the break in period. About 24 hours of use.

I bought one of these for myself one Xmas season: A neat little black and red gizmo

I hated it. It died about six months later, and the guys at the store were nice enough to replace it for me. Then the next one died just after the replacement warranty. Sheesh.

The bluetooth reliability wasn’t that great either. It got iffy depending upon which pocket I had put my MP3 player in.