Recommend break-in ammo for Kimber Ultra Carry II

On the 22nd I will be picking up my shiny new Kimber Ultra Carry II with Meprolight Tritium night sights and Crimson Trace laser grips. My blued steel beauty is on layaway, to be purchased during an upcoming employee pricing event. I should be ashamed of spending so much money but I’m TOTALLY JACKED.

The manual (online) says that I need to shoot 400-500rds of .230grn FMJ round ball ammo to break it in.

Any ammo recommendations?

I’d like to buy bulk, just get 500rds at once and hopefully shave off a few cents per shot. CCI Blazers seem to be in short supply these days, can’t find 'em anywhere! I’ve read mostly good things about Wolf ammo but there’s always one bad review tucked in among the 5-stars…

Anyone have a Kimber? Any experience with steel case .45 ACP? Should I spend the extra cash on brass bulk ammo like Winchester White box or PCM even though I don’t intend to reload?*

Any thoughts on Kimbers, 1911’s, bulk ammo, or breaking in a semi-auto would be greatly appreciated.
Mine will be the first .45 in the house so we’re not set up to reload for the time being. I’m loathe to buy dies and such when I’m the only one, I’d just as soon buy a pallet of whatever works best post-break in.

I have a Kimber Tactical Ultra II, and I think you’ll find that you’ll like your new handgun. There are a few things that I have noted that you might want to keep in mind:

  1. It is difficult to disassemble the weapon without the takedown tool. It’s not impossible, just difficult. If you lose it a narrow paperclip will suffice.

  2. It is easy to leave an idiot mark on the weapon while reassembling. I haven’t done it to mine, but it can be tough to pop in the slide lock, so be careful of that.

  3. The grip panels have a tendency to shake loose, so have the right size Allen wrench available.

  4. The recoil spring needs to be replaced every 5000 rounds (I think) and they go for $45 a pop assembled. Apparently it is possible to take the assembly apart and replace both springs, but that has disaster written all over it if you don’t know what you’re doing.
    I typically shoot WWB though it, although Blazer Brass is a good alternative and not much more expensive than aluminum-cased Blazer. All ammunition is up in price of late, but it’s still not too bad. I got 100 rounds of WWB for something like $30 at Bass Pro about a month ago. Cabela’s loads in bulk and sells for good prices as well if you can go for $150 at a time.

My carry load is 200-grain Cor-Bon JHP +Ps. The hollow is big enough to mix a drink in, and while that is no guarantee of expansion, it has a good reputation for expansion and penetration without overpenetrating.

Suggest you use cheap-ish factory 230gr BALL ammo for the break in. Winchester white box was fine for my TLE-2. That way, if you do have a malf, you know it isn’t a feeding problem with your hollow point or a loading problem with reloads. I had a few type one or two malfs in the first 300 rounds or so, then nothing with ball.

CCI blazer with the aluminium cases also worked well for me, FWIW. I have no experience with steel cases or the russian WOLF ammo.

When selecting your home defence JHP ammo, try a few brands until you find one that can feed 200 rounds with one or no malfs. You can start with whatever your local constabulary is using, that way when someone questions you on it, you can just say you’re using whatever the cops use. That way you don’t come across as a blood thirsty gun nut with eeevilll-teflon-coated-spinning buzz-saw-armour-piercing-exploding-silver garlic-antivampire&werewolf-ultimate shock-inducing-so-lethal-they’re dangerous-to-look-at ™ bullets should you have to explain your selection. Now, it these don’t feed right, try another until you find one that feeds reliably. Yes, it’s expensive, yes, your and your loved one’s lives are worth it.

Oh, and one more thing. Kimber make great guns (imho) but only (again imho) so-so magazines. Magazines account for a lot more malfs than people think. Do yourself a favour and get some Wilson Combat 47-D 7 or eight round mags from Brownell. A bit of a but pad will avoid that painful palm skin pinch you get with flush fitting mags. You may want to do this before you test your defence ammo, as it may save you some money.

In my case, I tried the Hydra-Shocks, but had to many FTFs. Winchester Ranger SXTs worked like a charm though.

I’m going to shoot this over to IMHO.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Thank you, that all sounds like good advice. :slight_smile: I need to check our local Walmart for WWB but I doubt my chances. We’re all ammo hounds in these parts, I depend pretty heavily on Midway because I can’t find anything local any more.

I’m nervous about field stripping it the first time. Last time I cleaned my Colt Mustang .380 I had a hell of a time. I can’t remember which part it was but I let some lever or another fall and had the Devil’s own time getting it popped back into position.:smack:

When you reinsert the slide lock, push it in and then gently work it into position. Don’t force it past the spring tension, just wiggle it a bit and you’ll get past it. After a few times you’ll figure out exactly how to do it. If you try to force it, however, you’ll leave a mark like this. Just take your time.

Check out youtube for alll kinds of 1911 field stripping videos. There are too many to list. You can pick one with your preferred school of cinematographical directing. There might even be a musical one, for all I know…

Musical you say? I may have to venture into town for some better-than-dial-up and watch a few of those.

I have nothing to add, except to say this: Kimber makes some sweet looking weapons. If I were in the market for a firearm, I’d definitely be looking at one.

Happy shooting!

Thanks! I went into Cabelas thinking that I wanted a 5" 1911. I was going to look at the blued Taurus with the picatinny rail, honest but then there were KIMBERS and they had LASERS. What’s a girl to do?

I fondled every Kimber they had and just kept coming back to the Ultra Carry. I couldn’t leave it languishing in that display case. Of course, now I have to feed my new beastie, it’s looking like $0.40 per shot no matter how I flex my Google.

Not a .45 or 1911 guy myself but that’s a thing of beauty.
Mrs. Chopper is gonna be jealous.

I’m paying $25.00 for 50 rounds at Wal Mart. What is Bass Pro?

We bought the Kimber used, so it was already broken in. It has happily eaten everything we’ve fed it.

I’m breaking my Ed Brown in with the Winchester white box ball. One misfeed so far, that’s all. I’m extremely happy with both guns; I shoot marginally better with the Kimber, but it’s a 5" barrel. The Ed Brown is 4 1/4" and besides, it’s very pretty.

It’s a hunting/fishing/camping/outdoor adventure superstore. They’ve got everything recreational you could need and more. It’s kid in a candy store cool for the avid outdoors(wo)man.

Yeah, Bass Pro kicks ass. We don’t have one up here in Idaho but there’s one in Vegas and it’s very cool. They have a lot of neat taxidermy, reams of camo, an indoor archery range, and there are ducks flitting between the ponds and waterfalls. You’d think there would be duckshit on everything but there’s not and it’s pretty damned neat to get buzzed by a mallard when you’re trying to decide whether you want those pants in Mossy Oak Breakup or Realtree Extra Brown.

Cowgirl Jules, I’m anxious to shoot mine, it’s got a 3" barrel and I’m going to be kicking myself if I can’t hit anything with it. I have a 4" Taurus Tracker .44 that’s as accurate as my 6" 686 but the 1911 might be a whole different ball of wax.

You’ll be fine. I was only very slightly less accurate with the shorter barrel, and still good enough that I have no problems with it as my carry gun, which was sort of the point after all.


I got bulk 9mm from here

looks like they are running about $35/100 for .45 ACP

Still love my ugly Glock 19. So far that thing eats 9mm like a champ 4-5 MF in about 3000 rounds (I used to shoot IPSC with it so I have moved a lil lead in my day)

Wow, thanks! I was having a hell of a time finding Blazers.

Regarding Wolf ammo: I read on some website that the Russian stuff, including Wolf, all had some kind of varnish on the cartridges, so that when fired, the gun turned into some kind of spray painting gun with the innards of the gun getting all gunked up, yielding the usual grief with a dirty/clogged weapon. Don’t know how true it is, but I have some Blazers for my break in bullets, and the Wolfs are my IRL ammo, since I don’t plan to be in that many firefights.


So many of y’all recommended WWB that I went ahead and ordered a case from Wholesalehunter. Of course, they’re back ordered with no ETA. Worked out to $0.37per shot after shipping so I’m happy, or I will be eventually.

In the meantime I’ll just feed her whatever I can scrape up locally.

Thanks for all your imput guys.

Now I just have to find the perfect holsters…