Recommend me a similar video game

All right, what I have is a PS3 hooked up to a nice big screen TV and Surround Sound. My buddy and I like to play a game together, and we have really liked Army of Two: 40th Day because you can go split-screen and each of us has our own screen section and can do separate things while still working together on tactics.

What I would like is recommendations for other games that allow split-screen dual-play like this. We love the shooter games, but have also enjoyed SplitSecond, which is a similar format car race game.

It is hard to tell from game descriptions if they have the split-screen dual=player option, or if the game only allows this in certain sections.

Reommend some games that fit our likes and give a brief description, please.

Off the top of my head, Borderlands and Resistance 1 & 2 will work for you. Not sure about the Killzone or Call of Duty games, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Borderlands.** You find yourself off-world on a god-forsaken backwater planet rusting into oblivion. You pick between 4 different character classes (soldier, sniper, stealth or brute), and shoot everything that moves. Very solid loot system to go along with an interesting (and humorous (and crude)) storyline. Things are mission-based, so you can consume this game in 20-minute bite size chunks.

Resistance. It’s WWII, but for some reason it’s an alternate WWII where giant bug aliens have taken over after Hitler died. Standard FPS fare, akin more to Halo than Call of Duty.

Modern War 2
Black Ops
Timesplitters 2 (not sure it it’s available for PS3, but its awesome)

Kane and Lynch
Rainbow Six: Las Vegas Two
and Resident Evil 5

The various Dynasty Warriors games all have co-op split-screen modes like that.


The Rainbow Six:Vegas 1&2 games are pretty awesome and have split-screen. Modern Warfare 2 has some pretty cool split screen missions. Killzone 3 has Co-Op campaign, IIRC.