Recommend me some resistance t-shirts!

Since I live in Jakarta, I can’t just order up stuff on the internet and have it sent to me. However, I’ll be in the US for a month soon, and I plan to stock up on items I can’t get in Indonesia. One thing on my list is to buy lots of witty shirts with political statements.

I’m sure I can have lots of fun browsing the internet for possibilities, but I thought I’d ask my fellow Dopers if you have any suggestions for me. Right now all I have is a rather tasteful donkey decorated with stars 'n stripes (a Christmas gift from my son) and a DUMP TRUMP shirt.

Clever slogans of the resistance, anyone?


How’s your Spanish?

(the backstory)

They later had a keg release party benefit for charity; $5/bottle, limited edition. They were also selling posters for $1 and giving away stickers. When I got to the front of the line and explained that I work for a law firm with a large immigration and civil rights practice, they gave me a big stack of stickers to give away.

5 Rabbit also makes some mighty tasty beer, but I’m not sure how widely it’s distributed.

Headed to Iowa? Check them out.

Well, the “Nevertheless, She Persisted” tee shirts are flying off the shelves now. Mine’s arriving in two days.

However the coming style in resistance-wear will be for the March For Science, April 22nd. Many ideas are already floating about although not so much jelling yet. Pale brownish brain hats are being knitted all over the country as I write.

I’m fond of SCIENCE: Like Math Only Louder

But I don’t know exactly how political that is.

There’s this one

I like almost everything by these people

You wanna get yourself a Nasty Woman (1) tee, for sure. And if your husband and son feel left out, well maybe they are Bad Dudes (2), themselves.



A woman’s place is in the resistance

Smokey says Resist
and cause I like General organa.

Where’s the thanks button when you need it? :wink: These are AWESOME!!! I’m so glad I asked.

Try a Google on
Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society

They have some pretty nice designs as well.


Well dangit, I’m looking at taking the family to Cairo in November and was hoping someone on the Dope could help me convince my wife it’s a good idea. Your name was the first that came to mind!

Engineering: It’s Like Math But Louder

I also like The Revolution Will Not Be Telegraphed.

Don’t Blame Me, I voted for Cthulhu

There are many designs for this one. Just Google ‘Don’t Blame Me, I voted for Cthulhu’ if you want something different.