Okay, I’m designing some T-shirts for sale on Amazon. So far there’s only one design available (in men’s, women’s, and youth’s). There are others waiting approval but Amazon only allows one submission a day and can take several days to approve a submission.

I may add some PopSocket designs in the future as well as more shirts.

Criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

Here’s the link. As I said there’s currently one design. New items will show up at this link when they’re available.

Not a criticism but is white the only shirt color?

No. Click on the shirt picture and it will take you to the sale page for that item. You should see different colors there are well as style and size choices.

Thx, I will do that.

Eh. I’m not too thrilled with the design. The circle-slash stroke is fatter compared to how thin of a font “Hate” is.

Also, the message seems a bit cliched. I’ve seen similar messaging done on a bunch of T-shirts before.

I’m not sure that it matters one way or the other if it’s cliched. The point is to sell T-shirts, not win an originality contest.

You may have a point concerning thick versus thin. I may think about taking it down and redoing it once I have some other items available (I don’t want an empty store and a replacement would take several days to get approved).

I would shrink the word “Hate” slightly so that it was totally inside the circle. As it is, half the “H” is covered.

If you really want to capitalize on the current political market, you should sell QAnon T-shirts. There are plenty of people who’ll jump at a $20 shirt about a bullshit conspiracy.

That could be profitable but I really don’t want to encourage that kind of dangerous nonsense. I need to be able to live with myself.

Here’s an idea. After the second HRC/DJT debate, I went looking for a matched set of “Bad Hombre” and “Nasty Woman” tees. I found dozens of each shirt on Amazon, but no matched set.

Great idea.

You could also make T-shirts of every nickname Trump ever used: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nicknames_used_by_Donald_Trump.

The Trumpettes will eat that up. Congrats on retiring early.

Colored T-shirts might be more appealing to some people. Would certainly make the images pop when people are shopping online.

“Bad Girl” is available now and “Bad Boy” (same font etc.) is still in the submission / approval pipeline.

Various colors are already available.

The Bad Girl/Bad Boy shirts are good looking, but they aren’t a useful or suitable response to the message you replied to. Using wording that is “similar in meaning” to the original comment, but doesn’t get it right, will be seen either as irrelevant and unrelated, or as obtuse and out of touch. If you’re making fun of a political slogan, the wording has to be 100% precisely right.

If you’re against making anything political, it would probably be better to just say that.

I guess I didn’t get the political connotations. I’m most definitely not out of touch. I’m also not against making anything political (check out my newest offerings). There’s no need to get snarky.

I agree that Bad Hombre and Nasty Woman would be good additions. Bad Girl and Bad Boy are fine if you want to leave them in the line up, but they don’t have any obvious connection to the Nasty Woman brouhaha, and they read as sexual labels.

TOTAL aside here, but…how do we not do a t-shirt exchange in the same vein as shot glass etc.?

“Bad Hombre” and “Nasty Woman” are now designed and are both in the submission pipeline. They both use the same font and coloring as the “Bad Boy” and “Bad Girl” t-shirts. It will be several days before they’re both available.

Sorry - my tone obviously came across snarky. It definitely wasn’t meant that way, and it didn’t sound snarky in my head. I’ve been blind to that before too - I try to guard against it, but often forget or fail.