Recommend Me Some Techno/Dance/Electronica/Trance/Rave Songs or Artists Please!

Here are couple of others.

“Kick It” - Toniee

“Dragoseta Din Tai” - Haidduci

These are available from iTunes on We Like to Party. Check out their samples of the rest of the CD, I think you’d like “Sub Travel (Club Mix) - Farolfi vs. Gambafreaks”.

Benny Bennasi is one note, but I like his one note. That remix of Bring the Noise is great. :wink:

A lot of these fall into Dance Punk & Electroclash instead of just Dance or Eletronica, but maybe the OP will like them :slight_smile:

Ghostland Observatory
A Kiss Could Be Deadly
Death From Above 1969
Simian Mobile Disco
Radio 4
The Sounds
Gang of Four
The Faint
Le Tigre
Moving Units
Electric 6
Lesbians on Ecstasy
Cut Copy
Gus Gus
The Information
Fujiya and Miyagi
Junior Boys
Four Tet
Shiny Toy Guns
The Go Find

Ah, I love me some electronica.

Some good house music:
Fake Blood - Mars
Fake Blood is incredible overall, but this song should give you a taste of what he’s all about.

This is sometimes called glitch-hop but it definitely is a party jam:
edIT - The Sirens

And since this is just the kinda electronic music I like, here’s some killer sick dubstep that will make your friends envy your coolness:
Caspa & Rusko - A Cockney Thug
Caspa & Rusko - Africa V.I.P.

And here is my current favorite song, which comes from the murkier, less wobble-heavy side of dubstep:
Burial - Archangel

That’s some good music. Some of the artists seem closer to what the OP is looking for than others.

For the purposes of this thread, out of the musicians I know of from that list I would definitely second Justice, Gus Gus (the only song of theirs I know is Ladyshave, but it’s a good one), and Fischerspooner.
I would recommend Cut Copy with a little more hesitation. I love their music, but to me they are kind of borderline between indie rock and electronic music. They remind me a lot of New Order but with more modern electronic music influences. And if I can mention bands like New Order, than there are a ton of other bands I would want to mention, but IME it’s not the kind of music that people looking for pure electronica find interesting.
Anyway, my favorite Cut Copy song is So Haunted, but that song might be a little too rockish for this thread, so I’d recommend Lights & Music.

Another recommendation I want to throw out there is Work Your Pussy by DJ Antoine. I don’t know anything else by him but it’s a good track if the lyrics don’t bother you.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Timo Maas lately.

You might also be interested in Baile Funk, stuff like Marina Gasolina by Bonde Do Role

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

I listened to the first few links people gave and I swear I’m about to start checking out the rest. Do keep the suggestions coming if any little thing comes to mind.

Or Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo

I have listened/watched the first half of the youtube videos and one of two things has become clear: 1) I am either super picky with my music or 2) no one actually listened to the songs in the OP to get a clear idea of what I like and am looking for more of.

I have a large headache after constructing this monstrosity of a post, so forgive my tone. I really do appreciate the effort and suggestions.

I love Roisin Murphy and Dan Deacon.

Also check out Truckasauras.

Hmm. Even after your admonishment, I’ll still recommend Gareth Emery’s podcast, which is released fortnightly and has recently contained at least two of your sample picks.

Some of your stuff is lighter, for which you might try the Listen in the Dark podcast feed, or perhaps even the Vocal Trance podcast, which I don’t like as much but you might.

Not sure if Dan Deacon falls anywhere in the same category (or universe, for that matter) as the bands listed by the OP, but he’s definitely still worth a listen. :slight_smile: One of my friends often describes his sound as “if a group of 5 year olds decided to throw a rave, Dan Deacon would be the guy they’d pick to DJ”.

Personally, I’d vote for the following as being closest to the OP, at least trance-wise:

  • Tiesto (circa 2000-02 for trance, later years if you’re looking for hard techno)
  • Cassius
  • Gouryella
  • Leftfield
  • Sven Vath
  • BT
  • Paul Van Dyk
  • Chicane
  • Banco de Gaia
  • Black Dog
  • Moby

Remixes/compilations by Jacques LuCont, Tiesto, Matt Darey and TILT would probably score high on the satisfaction meter. Any of the Happy 2B Hardcore compilations by Anabolic Frolic might fit the bill too, based on the mention of Scooter.

I’m watching SYTYCD right now, so I can’t be bothered to look up video/audio links. Sorry. :frowning:

PS - thanks for reminding me of Scooter’s existence… I was soooooo into them back in my happy hardcore raver days.

A little bit dated, but an excellent sound, is KLF. Especially check out “Last train to trancentral” and “3am Eternal”

Your songs are all over the place (I realize that was intentional), so humor me and let me throw some things out that are also scattered widely. Determing what you think about them will help figure out what it is about certain songs that you do and don’t like.

Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis (I actually prefer the original better over any remix, but can’t find it on YouTube)

Bizarre Inc. - I’m Gonna Get You

I’m with Isamu, and think you might like KLF. I’d recommend two with varying styles to see if either works, such as:

KLF - Justified and Ancient (Tammy freakin’ Wynette!!!)

KLF - Last Train to Transcentral

Propaganda - P-Machinery

Moodswings - State of Independence (Part 3 of 3. Yes, that is MLK at the 1:23 minute mark of this part)

Fatboy Slim - Praise You

As I said, these are all over the place, but were songs I thought of as I listened to some of your stuff.

I have no idea if they fit into your list of genres, but they might.

I love love LOVE Splashdown. And just because I’m nice, I’m going to do for you what the person who turned me on to them didn’t do, and that is warn you…prior to your falling in love with them…that they broke up in 2000.

Hard techno? Not really.

Where is everyone’s head at? No mention of Basement Jaxx so far that I can see.

For some old school Happy Hardcore try Dune or Scooter.

A lot of the songs in this thread seem to be more on the dance side than the straight-up trance or techno side. In keeping with this theme, I nominate two of my guilty, guilty pleasures (but hot damn if I don’t want to tear the walls down when I hear this!)

Uniting Nations - You and Me
Uniting Nations - Out of Touch