Recommend Me Some Techno/Dance/Electronica/Trance/Rave Songs or Artists Please!

Welcome to another music related thread by the much adored Covered in Bees!

This time I am in search of new techno/dance/electronica/trance/rave songs and artists. And any other genre the following songs fall into.

I have been hitting up Pandora a lot lately and most of the time it just gives me songs that are meh. I can listen to them, but nothing that really makes me wanna jam. Then there are the songs I give the thumbs down to in less than five seconds. And rarer still are the ones that I give the thumbs up to. Am I just being too damn picky?

Here is a sampling of techno-ish (or whatever the fuck genre they are) songs that make me wanna jam and that I am looking for more of:
All Around the World -ATC
Bacardi Mojito -Unknown
Born To Be Alive -Patrick Hernandez (For the sake of your sanity, I recommend not watching this video, just listen)
Boten Anna -Basshunter
Dota -Basshunter
Everybody’s Free -Aquagen
Get Away -MAXX
Halcyon & On & On -Orbital
Maria (I Like It Loud) -Scooter
Mr. Brightside (Jacques LuCont’s Thin White Duke Remix) -The Killers
Satisfaction -Benny Benassi (Couldn’t find a video of the six minute long, bass heavy version I like, the others suck)
Supadupafly -666
The Whistle Song -DJ Alligator

Now, I have not by any means listened to these artist’s other works and yes that would be a good start, but I simply do not want to listen to every damn thing they’ve done to find a few more I like.

Nor am I looking for any one magical mish mash of all the different sounds represented above. They are to merely illustrate the range of stuff I am interested in.

For example, do all of Jacques LuCont’s remixes sound that way? Because his version of Mr. Brightside is easily in my top three favorite songs. Or do only a few of his songs sound that way or is it just that one? And other such related questions.

So, little help?

My favorites are, Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Infinity Project, Cosmosis, Etnica, Plieadians, Entheogenic … Will probably think of more later. Should be easily Google-able. I’m more into psytrance and psybient than any other electronica styles. :smiley:

How about some funny ones?

Sunday Afternoon by Jon Lajoie

Elektronik Supersonik by Zlad!

I’m not really big into Techno but I do like one album entirely that fits the “Get up and Jam” catagory as well.

Daft Punk’s *Alive *(Live) CD. Just… great stuff in there and one of the few techno things i can stand.
Also I’m a fan of Crystal Method’s Name of the Game - the unedited version more than the edited music video version though.

Yes I see. Something involving that many big words could easily destabilize time itself.

And Jon LaJoie can do no wrong. I love his Everyday Normal Guy songs.

I’m not as familiar with techno, but I know of some good house and electroclash and variants of those.
I wasn’t originally into this kind of music but I hung out with people in college who were really into this kind of music and I’ve absorbed some of it. I’ve partied to a lot of these songs:

Daft Punk
Harder Better Faster Stronger (see also Kanye West’s Stronger
One More Time

David Guetta
Love Is Gone

Adagio For Strings

Girl Talk
What he does is take parts of a whole bunch of songs and combine them into one song, and he’s really good at it. Part of the fun of listening to his music is figuring out where the bits and pieces come from, and he draws from such a wide variety of music that you’re guaranteed to recognize some of it. I don’t have any specific tracks to recommend, but check out his youtube channel

Nite Life
Glue Your Eyelids Together


Those are the major ones I can think of. I might add more later.

I forgot a funny one. Jizz In My Pants. Not only is the video hilarious, but it’s a great song.
If you haven’t seen it don’t let the name scare you away. It’s really good.

Electric Universe is really good too, just listening to their album “Stardiver” tonight! :slight_smile: Anyway if you take my recommends seriously it’s all hypnotic and awesome trance. Good luck!!

Infected Mushroom - Great buttrocking but still musically complex stuff.
Fluke - Risotto is a great album.
Amon Tobin - Funky Trippy Jazzy sound

This is a must-see video:

The Robots by Kraftwerk

I don’t normally listen to techno, but let’s see…

The O Parts from The World Ends With You
Pleather for Breakfast from No More Heroes
Short Circuit from Tales of Legendia (this one’s a bit more orchestral than the other two)

Some good “older” techno like Crystal Method’s Vegas (which I think is fantastic) and maybe Prodigy’s Fat Of The Land.

SUN Project. Hands down! Hallucinogen and Infected Mushroom too.

I really liked Underworld before they became more electronica, but it turns out that I like them in their electronica incarnation, too -
Born Slippy

Their original sound - Underneath the Radar (just for the hell of it - this doesn’t seem to be the album version, though).

A couple recent threads on this subject: here & here.


I’ll also second Daft Punk, Underworld, Kraftwerk, Infected Mushroom & Tiësto. I’ll add:
Chemical Brothers
Ferry Corsten
Armin van Buuren
Above & Beyond
Rabbit in the Moon
Midival Punditz
Fatboy Slim
Junkie XL
Groove Armada
Banco de Gaia
Paul Oakenfold (early stuff)

You’re gonna thank me for this:

There are 14 mixes, all free and legal, on this page by different electronica DJs. I would suggest the Jack Beats, Major Lazer, Klever, and Ninjasonik mixes. The Trouble & Bass mix is also quite fantastic.

Also, if you are an iTunes user, subscribe to the Mad Decent podcast. Diplo and Co. are always blessing us with amazing new mixes. Try their Kill Yourself Volumes 1-4 Halloween podcasts and the Diplo/Major Lazer Essential Mix that they put out not to long ago.


[electronica geek]Crystal Method is not techno, it’s big beat.[/electronica geek]

Any album by Crystal Method is highly recommended. Prodigy is good if you like the old school electro sound. I’m not a huge fan of it but Fat of the Land is their best album.

Oh, also try out Crookers’ Mad Decent mix, which can be found here:

1,000 Cigarettes - MSTRKRFT

Ghosts N Stuff - deadmau5

Bring The Noise Remix - Public Enemy vs Benny Benassi
Skylight - Overseer

Anyone who’s played NFS: Underground should be familiar with these.

“Fortress Europe” - Asian Dub Foundation

“Doomsday” - Overseer

“BT” - Kimosabe