Recommend some Breckenridge hiking trails

So I’m spending a day and a half in Breckenridge in early September, and there is a downloadable trail map of the place – with DOZENS of trails! Can anyone recommend some good ones to pare down my selection? My only criteria is that they be walkable to from downtown Breckenridge as that would cut down on having to drive, but that’s still dozens of trails! I’d also prefer tiny streams and waterfalls (although I’m pretty good at guessing what trails will have them from a topo map but just sayin’.)

This short stay is also to acclimate me for my later week in Rocky Mtn National Park so I don’t know how acclimated I will be by Breckenridge, so if you happen to know some trails, any length will do as I might be able to go 10 miles or might just feel like a short walk.

Also, I haven’t been alpine sliding in awhile. Is the alpine slide any good in case I’m totally unprepared for hiking?

My trip is in 3 weeks – taking my one bump.

Send a PM to enipla, he lives right there. I usually am only in Breckinridge in winter.

Ludovic, PM me your address and I’ll send you a trail map. It lists 97 different trails in the County.

I live about 15 miles south of Breck, and my property backs up to National Forest so I don’t do any hiking in Breck. The hiking I do starts at my front door :).

I’ve been to Summit County several times to hike in the late fall. I’ll be going in late September. Hiking at that elevation is very different than at sea level, even if you’re in good shape. You’ll be out of breath quick. Take frequent breaks and bring LOTS of water.

I’d say try the Mohawk Lakes Trail it’s a good climb, takes you past some old cabins and mining equipment and leads a great little lake with a fantastic view. It will take you 4-5 hours round trip and you’ll feel like you’ve been hiking.

If that’s not hard core enough try Mt. Quandary. It’s just over 14,000 feet at its summit. It will take all day and you will have literally climbed a mountain. The last bit to the summit is a rather dicey looking shaley ridge it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you want to climb to the top of something and not kill yourself try Mt. Royal at the edge of Frisco. That’s the little town on Route 9 you likely drove through to get to Breckenridge. Mt. Royal is a short hike 2-3 hours round trip. You get to the top of something and the views across to the Continental divide over Lake Dillon are great.

But I’m not the local, just a flat lander that likes to hike.

I was debating doing this one since I would be able to walk right into it from my hotel (in the southwest of Breck), but I would have to commit to an all day hike in order to take the connector trail. Your recommendation tipped the scales if I am feeling up to that. But I probably won’t since at that point I will have only spent 4 days at or above 8000 feet.

(I know, I know, people are going to tell me that I’m crazy for even thinking about doing a 10+ mile hike at 10K+ after only 4 days of acclimitization, but I’ve done a 10 mile hike at 9K in the rockies in just over 4 hours after 4 days of acclimitization. And people were passing me on the way down – crazy trail runners, they were running right on fist sized rocks around curves, I could just see their leg giving out and them collapsing right in front of me.)