Recommend some (homemade) calzone fillings

I’m gonna make some calzones tonight. I think I’ll make 'em small (more like empanada size, maybe a little bigger) and make a lot of 'em! I’ll probably make a pepperoni & cheese one and maybe a salsa & refried beans one. Care to suggest / invent some more? Be creative!

Anybody? Liver & Onions?

Not so creative, but I like a Meatball calzone.

If you are thinking more like an emanada, you could go cajun and try something like a Jambalya one; shrimp, sausage, rice…

There’s a place in Troy, NY called Goomba’s. They opened in…2002? my sophomore year at RPI. t any rate, they have some of the best and most creative calzone fillings. The best is mozzarella and blue cheeses, breaded chicken, and hot sauce. It’s a wing-calzone!

I like lots of mushrooms and onions with some meat and sauce. The meat can be almost anything but pepperoni. So chicken, sausage, meatballs, hamberger, ham, etc. But definity mushrooms and onions. They have to be fried before they’re calzoned. You can throw in some cooked spinach, kale, or swiss chard if you want to get healthy.

Mmmm. Everything sounds great so far!

If you wanted a vegetable one, spinach and ricotta with some mozzarella is one I’ve ordered from the take-out calzone place around here.

Browned Italian Sausage and Ricotta. Add spices to taste.

How about:

[li]Shredded pork (unflavored)[/li][li]pickled cabbage (kim chee will do in a pinch)[/li][li]Spices (your choice)[/li][/ol]

I woudl say that might pass for Rouaden-calzone! Add some 1000-island dressing…you could call it the Reuben-zone!


Italian sausage (precooked, natch) and provolone. One of my faves!

Yeah, I’ll fill your calzone, baby…I’ll fill it real good…I’ll…uhhh…


Errrr…I mean, chopped meat, mozzarella cheese, peppers and mushrooms. Basically the makings of a good cheeseburger, only in calzone form.

Sorry about that…

Alright. Excellent suggestions everyone. At this point I’d like to ask that no one else suggest some type of meat or some type of cheese.


There’s a place out here that makes spectacular calzones with fresh spinach, fresh tomatoes, cheese, and… lots of chopped garlic.

sirloin steak and nutella.

I’m not going to be able to eat for a week!

I might just try that!

How are you making the crusts? I never make full-blown pizzas at home because I haven’t bothered to find a good way to make crust at home. I just do mini-pizzas on top of pitas.

I use this:

Ground beef,cabbage and onions. YUM!

Ah, doing it the hard way. I’m sure it’s also the good way, but I’m too lazy/busy to mess with yeast and all that most of the time.