Recommend some New Found Glory to me

Next Tuesday I am seeing Dashboard Confessional in a very tiny club (max size 200 if that,) and their opening act will be New Found Glory. Both acts are said to be playing acoustic sets.

So recommend some NFG for me to listen to so I won’t feel like a fool right in front of them. I have only heard My Friends Over You, and never got in to them because they seemed like the same sort of faux-angsty stuff like Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd that I really hate, but if they have some stuff that is more like more actually sensitive or whiney pop-punk or emo (instead of fake-sensitive or fake-whiney like MFOY is), then please recommend some to me so I can check it out. Thanks!

My God, do I ever love From The Screen To Your Stereo. Cheesy songs, rocked the fuck out.

My favorite New Found Glory songs, aside from My Friends Over You:
Hit Or Miss
I Don’t Wanna Know
Ending in Tragedy

I posted them in order of oldest to most recent, so you may be more likely to hear the last two songs since they’re more recent.

They have an older song called **Eyesore**that I really love.

They used to play through here all the time. Anything from before they dropped the A is better than their Mtv work. (They went from A New Found Glory to just New Found Glory.)

So, the first ep, “It’s All About the Girls”
debut album, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”
or cover album of movie songs, “From the Screen to Your Stereo” which had some funny tracks

They were one of those bands lumped into the early/mid 90s emo scene. Not the skinny jeans/slicked down black goth hair on guys emo thing that seems to be around now, but the gas station jackets/black frame Buddy Holly glasses/nerdy post-hardcore kid emo scene.

A friend of mine has some naked pictures of them from back in the day. Wonder what those are worth now.