Recommend Speed Dating in NYC

My friend and I have decided we’d like to give speed dating a whirl. Trouble is, I’m 25 and she’s going on 23, and there appears to be very little that includes her in the range.

If you’ve done it or know someone who has, what service did they use? Or if you know of a service that was just awful, let me know that too!

I meant to extend this to include singles events, not just speed dating. Thanks again.

What is “speed dating”?

Dates that last five minutes, or dates with people on drugs?

Speed dating is an event where you pay some money to an organizer. This organizer gets a private room at a bar or someplace and a group of men and women come and basically the women will all sit at seperat tables and the men move around to each for a short period of time. (5 to 10 min) You have a little conversation with each person of the opposite sex. Then at the end you simply put down who you liked. (everyone has a number) If both the man and the woman expressed interest than the organizer would then hand out phone numbers or email addresses.

Basically you meet a bunch of people of the opposite sex but you don’t have that awkward ‘pick-up’ moment when you have to first approached or be approached.

So…now that that’s cleared up, any comments? Suggestions?

I’m not gonna try it.

Hey let’s get saramamalana to try it!
Let me when you get back.

Yeah, see, I’m looking for suggestions of places to go and do it. Hence the thread. So I’d go, if I knew where.

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