Speed Dating

I’m curious if anyone has tried any of the speed dating services where you meet x number of people for y minutes each. It sounds like fun, but I’m not sure it’s a great way to meet people.

Anyway, I’m trying one tonight, and was curious to hear if anyone else has tried this and how it was.

I’ll post my experiences in the morning.

So there’s a service that takes your money and then essentially sends you to a singles bar?

Sheesh. I’m in the wrong business.

It’s an organized event, Mach… I’ve read of them. Get to know as much as you about whoever in 10 minutes, then move on to the next whoever.

I can’t imagine it would od much for me (even if I were single), but y’know, whatever floats your boat.

Good luck tonight FifthYear!

There’s a bar in town that does speed dating once a month and I have a few friends who went to it.

The thing we’ve noticed is that if you go to it intending on nothing other than talking to a few people and having fun, you’ll have a great time. If you go into it thinking you’re going to meet a significant other, you’re probably not going to have as good a time as person (a). YMMV, but as long as you don’t put too much pressure on the situation, it ought to be a blast. I would have loved to try it, myself!

Good luck and have fun!!!

We have one locally ten people came & rumor is they all found someone.
But they only do 7 minutes per person.
But the person who ran it, a friend of mine a long time ago, used to be a member
of a cult in Oregon. They wore red. Each night you would look at a calendar to see
who you would sleep with. Now, that’s what I call ‘speed dating’

Well, I’m back and I had a fun time.

I didn’t really have many expectations going in. I went with a group of friends (guys and girls) and everyone had a good time. We called ahead to make sure we wouldn’t be dating each other, but I did run into a couple of people I knew, or who were friends of friends.

Observations: 8 minutes absolutely flies by. Almost as soon as you get past the standard small talk, the bell rings and you have to rotate.

I didn’t have a single awkward date, where it was clear that we were just not compatible. No bad silences. On the other hand, I didn’t meet anyone that I would be upset if I never saw again, either.

My group did hook up with another group that was there and went out to some bars afterward, so I suspect that there will be some friendships made out of it.

It was a good time, an interesting way to meet people. Beats most Wednesday night activities.

How did you find out about it? What was the cost? Would you do it again, or would you likely meet the same people? How many people were there? How’d they decide which people you’d meet?
It’s a cool concept.


Hmm, never heard of this before, sounds interesting.

there is usually an ad in the paper.

*Originally posted by StGermain *
How did you find out about it? What was the cost? Would you do it again, or would you likely meet the same people? How many people were there? How’d they decide which people you’d meet?
It’s a cool concept.

I found out about it from an ad in the paper, as Handy suggested. The ad was in our local “Chicago Reader” style newspaper. It was $30 to register, and they provided appetizers. There was a cash bar. There were probably 30 people there (I know there were at least 15 tables of 2), so I only “dated” 8 out of the 15 females, although of the remaining seven four were good friends of mine. But still, I suspect that if I were to do it again, some of the people would be the same, but I’m sure there would be new faces too. Word of mouth, and all that.

As far as who you meet, it seemed to be entirely random. The events are organized by age group, although I thought the range was a tad large. This one was for professionals 22-32. I’m 24, and there were a couple of girls I met with who were pushing the upper limit. They weren’t exactly in my target range, and I’m sure I wasn’t in their’s, either.

I thought it was a blast, but I wasn’t too serious about finding anyone. If you don’t enjoy small talk or talking to people you don’t know, I wouldn’t recommend it, but otherwise, I’d do it.

I was at one several months ago. Three age ranges - 20’s to 30’s, 30’s to 40’s, and 40’s to 50’s - no actual checking of ages. People were identified by a code number and were asked not to reveal information that would allow further contact - telephone numbers, place of work, etc… Another restriction - you were not supposed to ask the person you were talking with if he/she would call you later.

After the session you turn in a sheet with the code numbers of the person (s) you’d like further contact with. If they also indicated that they would like further contact with you, an email would go out to both attendees with email or other contact information.

You can do this online,