Recommendations for a (preferably) sub-$50 AGP video card?

At this point, the card I installed on my computer (GeForce Ti200 64MB) when I built it six years ago is ridiculously outdated. Except for very simplistic games, the new stuff either don’t run, or is so sluggish that it’s really not worth bothering.

I’m not looking for anything cutting edge (obviously, considering my price point) and I’m not really into the latest hugely graphics-intensive FPS games, but I would like to be able to play mid-range stuff again, like MS Flight Simulator X and the dusty copy of Civ IV that’s been sitting on my shelf for months. I don’t need graphics options set to max or anything like that - I just want to play, and due to car repairs and other factors, I’m short on cash at the moment. Even if I wasn’t, though, it would be hard to justify spending $150 or more on a card.

I’ve always been happy with my GeForce, but I am open to ATI suggestions if I can find a card in my price range that’s better than a similarly-priced Nvidia. And the $50 price isn’t set in stone; if I can find something markedly better for $60, I’ll jump on it.

Also, are there any online resources for purchasing used cards in this range for a substantial savings? I checked eBay, but the cards there tended to only be $5 or so cheaper than their new equivalents that I found on Pricewatch.

In case it matters, my relevant system specs are:
Athlon XP 1800+
Abit KR7A motherboard (AGP 4x)
1 GB pc2100 DDR


Forgot to ask: how big of a bottleneck is the fact I only have AGP 4x? Would a $50 card just be throwing money away? Should I go even cheaper?

We have a NIB nVidia GeForce FX 5200 (128MB DDR) that you can have for a song. We bought it when our old video card got fried, but we were gifted with a better one, so we didn’t need it.

E-mail me.

I have recently been considering a similar upgrade, and I asked this question on another (computer focused) board. The answer I got was that the best AGP video card that I could use with this set up was a Nvidia GeForce 7600GS. Beyond that, your processor is a big bottleneck and your spending money for no significant improvement. Those cards seem to be running $75 & up on-line.

That’s a little beyond your range, so you’re other option is what Airman Doors is suggesting. Find a used card from someone who is getting something better.

As to where to look for video cards online, I always use Newegg . Their prices may not always be the absolutel lowest, but they’re usually within a few dollars and they’re reliable.

I think that might be the way to go, especially considering that I don’t have to worry about shipping fees; Airman is less than twenty miles away from me, and works at an airport that’s actually within walking distance of my house.

I mean, all I really need is something that’s just a bit more powerful than what I have and supports Pixel Shader 2.0, which mine doesn’t, but his 5200 does. Price is more important than performance for me at this point.

Airman, I really appreciate the offer. Look for an email soon.

Newegg is great - I’ve ordered way too many things from them - but I always check Pricewatch (which indexes many online stores, Newegg included) to get the best deal. I haven’t had a problem with a single one of the merchants on there in the eight-or-so years that I’ve been using that site.

I dunno, all the Nvidia cards I’ve had over the years have died in a year or less. Right now I’m using my old ATI All-in-Wonder 128 that’s about 4 or 5 years old and still works. So I’m a little more pro-ATI. Also try too. I’ve ordered from them in the past with no problems.

FWIW, I’ve had my GeForce3 Ti200 since I got my tax return in early 2001, and, aside from its obsolescence, it’s never given me a bit of trouble.

A little while after that, a friend got an AIW like yours. He had numerous driver problems and the card gave up the ghost completely in about two years.

YMMV, I guess.

I can’t remember what my first Nvidia was, but I remember that one day it just died. Apparently the fan on it had decided to stop working and the thing fried itself. The most recent one was a GeForce 4200 or something. Worked fine for a while but suddenly caused my computer to randomly freeze whenever I played videos or games. Attempts to fix the problem were completely unsuccessful (apparently it was a common issue) and I finally gave up and just put my old ATI back in.

Another “balance” story, I’ve been nothing-but-nvidia since ~2000 and have only seen 1 problem. The heat sink & fan actually fell off of one card, causing it to die almost immediately.

(Inertia be damned, it’s time to start making these cards “right-side-up” again. ISA is long gone.)


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